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Family Dollar Fashion: New Line for Women

coordinated outfit from Just Be

Have you heard about Family Dollar’s new line of women’s fashion? Yep, Family Dollar — the neighborhood store that’s made a name for itself by offering low prices on stuff you need everyday — is adding wallet-friendly fashion to its product mix. The new line, called Just Be, has promise. The Spring 2015 look book […]

Spring Home Decor: Quick Guide

Redecorating every season takes a hefty bank roll, but swapping out a few trendy touches? That’s the savvy way to do spring nest style. A couple fresh accessories for the family room, your favorite nook, the kitchen or the patio, and you’ve transitioned from warm and cozy to cool and vibrant–in a flash. Design on a […]

Subscriptions for Mom: Last-Minute Gifts that Keep Giving

Blooming chive herb on beautiful bokeh background. Very shallow DOF.

Procrastinators, rejoice! Scoring savvy Mother’s Day gifts has never been easier thanks to the tech-age. Last-minute shopping has taken a turn for the simple now that delivery and subscription services are back in the game. Whether she’s long-distance lady or you plum waited too long, she’ll never know the difference when she receives one of these personalized presents in […]

Fashion Boutiques On-the-Go: How to Shop a Fashion Truck

Le Fashion Truck

One of the latest shopping trends to hit the street is the fashion truck. These clothing boutiques on wheels offer a diverse selection of clothing and accessories, often created by local designers. According to the American Mobile Retail Association, more than 500 fashion trucks currently exist across the U.S., and more are popping up every […]

How My Mom Taught Me to Be a More Selfless Parent (Sponsored)


Readers, this post is sponsored by Kmart. All opinions are my own. In honor of Mother’s Day, I have taken time to reflect on my parenting, and how my own mother has impacted this paramount aspect of my life. My mother and I are different in many ways, but one thing I got from her […]

Kmart, Jillian Michaels, March for Babies and Your Chance to Win a Free T

kclub badge

Ladies, this is a sponsored post; I am a Kmart K-Club blogger. Rest assured, all opinions are my own. When my twin daughters were born 23 years ago (today, actually, is their birthday!), they were seven weeks early. We were fortunate: the girls were remarkably healthy given the circumstances. They were skinny and pretty weak, […]

Perfect-Fit Bras: Too Good to Be True?

Bra hanging on clothes line

Finding the perfect bra may seem like an unattainable goal, whether you’re an athletic A or a full-figured DD. Don’t lose faith, fashionistas! With constant innovations in the intimates industry, we may be one step closer to achieving that ideal fit. In 2004, a fit study consisting of 750 women was conducted by Wacoal America, […]

Customize Your Wardrobe with Made-to-Order Clothing

woman in yellow top measuring red dress

Custom-made clothing is not just for the rich and famous anymore. Nearly anyone with a decent clothing budget and an eye for fashion can custom create their own shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, and other articles of clothing. No more struggling to squeeze your thighs into those standard size 6 jeans. Here’s the rundown on custom […]