How to Shop

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Knowing how to shop a brick-and-mortar store is different than knowing how to shop online : we tend to take the quick click route—which is the shortest amount of time between the loading of the front page and checkin’ out. Meaning that, while in an actual store we would take our time, peruse the clearance rack, check the sales flier, rifle through the racks to see if someone stashed that last half-off, size medium blue cashmere cardigan in the wrong section, online we tend to search for our item, pop it in the shopping cart, and go. Which saves time but might cost us money. Which is the opposite of budget shopping.

So, we’re going to throw some tips your way for shopping one of our favorite online stops— Right up front, however, we’ll tell you—Bluefly is no Forever21—you’re not going to find six tops and a winter coat for under 50 bucks. Bluefly specializes in designer goods at a discount, which means a potentially great cost per wear ratio. So, now that we’re in the right mindset, here are our tips on how to shop Bluefly.

Bluefly Shopping Secrets

Start in the sale section

We know, we know. It’s your lunch hour and you’d really like to focus on that styrofoam cup of French onion soup that you’ve been so looking forward to. But trust us—the extra time is worth it. Bluefly doesn’t really have a clearance section, so sale is it—but sale here actually does mean huge discounts (at this writing, for example, up to 75% off. Nice). Superior sorting capabilities will allow you to weed out items by category, size, designer, color, and price. So, for example, if you’re looking for a black Diane Von Furstenberg dress, you’ll see if there’s one on sale in about 3.2 seconds.

SuperFly access email alerts

Enter your email in the handy little box at the bottom left hand corner of the home page, and you’ll get sale alerts in your inbox. Which, at Bluefly actually means something—their sales translate to pretty meaningful discounts, and frequently run only a day or two (as opposed to those department store “sales” that seem to run longer than a presidential election campaign)—so if you blink you’ve missed them. A heads up, in this case, can actually save you some cash, and right now sign up and get $30 off your first order. Score!

Bluefly dress

Search for online coupon codes before you check out.

This advice goes for shopping any online retailer—go to a reputable site like and search “” for discount links and codes. While the codes we found at this writing were already expired— AND the codes you’ll find online don’t ALWAYS work – we’ve found great ones that do, so it’s always worth a shot. And search us here at TBF too (er, shameless self-promotion alert) as we always try to give you the heads up on Bluefly deals as we find ‘em . . .

The Wedding Shop

In case you didn’t know, a ‘brides and bridesmaid’ section called “The Wedding Shop”. (It rolled out a couple of years ago as Wedding 2.0, but we’re guessing the 2.0 tag lost its shine pretty quick). If you’re a designer-loving bride to be, you will be in bridezilla heaven when you take a peek at the selection of designer bridesmaid dresses at huge discounts (a (BCBGMAXAZRIA Begonia Silk With Sheer Inset Dress), regularly $258, for $118.99, anyone? As well as glam mother of the bride dresses, and suits, ties, and shirts for groomsmen. Also shoes and accessories for all. Also a section of appropriate apparel if you just happen to be going to a wedding. We like this section so much we’re thinking of buying something and crashing a wedding. But that’s just between you and us.

Take advantage of Bluefly’s free personal shoppers

Haven’t we all dreamed of having our very own personal shopping consultant to do the hard work (finding what you want) while we do the easy work (look amazing decked out in our new clothes)? Well, it’s not quite that, but Bluefly does offer complimentary personal shoppers available online during a specific timeframe during the week, serving essentially as your virtual sales person. It’s a free service, so make your life easier by asking them the hard questions and maybe get what you REALLY want, without spending your entire evening looking for it.