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How to Find A Professional Bra Fitter

How to Find A Professional Bra Fitter

Dear Budget Fashionista,

I’m in desperate need of new bras. Do you have any tips on finding a professional bra fitter in my city?

Spill Out

Dearest Spill Out,

Most major department stores have professional fitters on staff (Saks, JC Penney’s, Sears, etc). Some stores like Victoria’s Secret also have fitters. But in my experience, these fitters tend to try and sell you bras—regardless of the fit. You can also go to local boutique shops that specialize in bras and undergarments.

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How to Find a Professional Bra Fitter

When you get to the store, seek out the most experienced bra fitter there and have them measure you. If they tell you that you are a “definite” size, run like the wind. You will never be one size in every brand of bra. If a fitter tells you this, then this is a sign of an inexperienced fitter.

You will need to try on several bras, in many different sizes, until you find the right one that gives you support AND is comfortable. Your breast should fit completely into the cup with no spillage, no wire digging into your sides. The band should fit snug, but not too tight on the first set of hooks. You should be able to sweep your hands from your collar bone across the bra without feeling any flesh bumps.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and walk out if they aren’t knowledgeable enough to give you answers or blame you (it happens) for their own inability to find you a proper fitting bra.

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Sunday 14th of May 2017

Hello, I am a male that loves to wear ladies clothes. I am still confused on what bra I need with my silicone breast forms. Are there any bra fitters that will help me find my size/fit? I really don't wish to make anyone uncomfortable when I shop for bras/ panties. I am worried that the staff or other female customers may Be nervous, offended or angry that an obvious male wants/needs a professional bra fitting. I just need HELP!! Does anyone know where or what store offers these services to a male that desperately wants to be female? Thank you!

Catherine Brock

Monday 15th of May 2017


Thanks for stopping by. I would look for a boutique shop in your area, and call ahead to ask the same question. If they're uncomfortable with your request, they will hopefully just admit to it over the phone and you can call someone else. You could also try calling a nearby department store, but my guess is that a larger store will be less likely to give you the service you need. Good luck and let us know if you find a fitter! I'm sure others have the same question.



Wednesday 6th of January 2016

Where can I get fitted for a really good minimizer bra ?

Man Loves Lingerie

Thursday 27th of March 2014

Doe's anybody know wear a Guy that Loves to wear Women's Lingerie, with Silicone Breast Form's can get a Bra Fitting, and some suggestion's for some Women's Bra's that will work for me?


Sunday 10th of March 2013

I have done bra fitting for over 10 years off and on and am back doing so and I love it . I work at a large dept store in Ohio . I love helping women and am amazed how women have no clue what bra size , how to put it on , they are just clueless . Some wear there new bra out of the store they feel so much better . It gives me such a great satisfaction to teach them a few tricks I thell them whether they buy a five dollar bra or a fifty five dollar bra . It should not rise when you lift your arms . No more than an inch in the back should come /be able to pull from your

Stephanie Prickel

Friday 25th of December 2015

Where are you in Ohio? This girl needs a good fitting :)

Meow Meow

Friday 21st of December 2012

Great advice, especially about the definate size comment, it's not an exact science. Have the expert educate you on fit issues and how to resove them.

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