Festive Foundations

The holidays are a season of glamour and excess, but underneath all the sparkle are intimate staples that set the foundation for every fabulous evening. Sure you’ve got the old standbys on hand, but many an occasion number calls for something a little more specialized. Backless dresses, plunging necklines, unforgiving fabrics…you catch the frosty drift. Thanks to a little ingenuity from our favorite fashion minds, there’s a product to guard against every slip-up and faux pas.  No matter what silhouette you’ve snagged to celebrate in, we’ve rounded up the best shapewear, undergarments and sartorial tools needed to keep the festivities flawless.

For dramatic dips in the back: Try an innovative bra converter if you’re bustier to give you a few more inches of skin. Those with less to, ahem, hold up up front, a sticky backless number should do the trick.

For tight, bodycon construction: Who isn’t a fan of Spanx, really? With a cut to eliminate bulge in every problem area, as well as ones that give your assets a boost, there’s a reason this brand has become as big as the names of the labels it goes under.

For airy, winter white fabrics: Sheer might be in in the summer, but for family and office-style get-togethers? Not happening. It’s time for the tried and true classic– a silky opaque slip.

For everything in between: A little fashion tape goes a long way. Apply the double-sided sticky stuff when donning drape-front tops and open sided items to guarantee you’ll be wardrobe malfunction free.



Melissa is creative communication professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.