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Welcome to The Budget Fashionista Learn How to Shop Guide. Here you’ll find our best strategies for shopping like a pro and saving money at your favorite fashion retailers. You’ll find store-specific tips for many retailers including ShopBop, Ulta Beauty, Dillard’s, Bloomingdales and more. Also see our tips on shopping thrift stores and trendy stores.

We also love the “shopping list” post. Posts like “Best Occasion Dresses under $75” give you an easy set of trendy pieces to make your shopping uber efficient.

One overlooked side of shopping for clothes is returning clothes. After all, it happens sometimes that you buy a piece and then your opinion changes when you get it home. Some of our most popular posts cover return policies, from Payless to Saks.

How to Shop Guide from Budget Fashionista

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Holiday shipping deadlines -- gift box wrapped for holidays

Heads Up: Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2018

The sun is setting on Cyber Monday — did you finish up your holiday shopping? I surely did not. So it’s time to mark the calendar with the drop-dead holiday shipping deadlines. Not that...
Girl shopping online

6 Ways to Save Big Shopping Online this Holiday Season

Whether you’re shopping for loved ones or yourself this holiday season, there is simply no sensible reason to pay more for items when you could pay less. Luckily, we live in an online world...
Black Friday preview: woman shopping Black Friday sales

Where Budget Fashionistas Shop on Black Friday

We’re mere days away from Black Friday. It’s an unofficial holiday in the United States, when hardcore shoppers go into a veritable frenzy as soon as they put the fork down on Thanksgiving. Black...
Mulberry logo

The Iconic Label Born at the Family’s Kitchen Table

When you think of a Mulberry bag, you likely think of words like timeless and classic. You’re 100% correct on both counts — the storied brand is one of the world’s most iconic. Founded...
Breast Cancer Awareness products

How To Support Breast Cancer Awareness This October

It’s that time of year again — Breast Cancer Awareness Month happens every October, and it’s a reminder that we each have the capacity to help fight this terrible disease. Fortunately, the fashion and...
Retail store with shopping bags on the counter

What’s Next for Fashion Retail? Here are Some Ideas

Competition’s tough out there in retail, and stores are stepping it up to keep you coming back. The old brick-and-mortars are working to stay relevant in world where the convenience of online shopping is...
Woman wearing one-piece cutout suit

Snub the Swimwear Trends with These Fun Styles

Swimwear trends have taken on their own life in recent years. Kudos to swimwear designers for getting creative with new cuts and details, but if I see another smocked-top bikini poolside, I think I...
Woman wearing swimsuit and sunglasses in a pool

Read This & Love Shopping for Your Next Swimsuit

Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar – summer comes, and whether you like it or not, you head to your favorite department store to pick out a new swimsuit. You find a few...
Casual summer occasion dress

The Casual Occasion Dress — 6 Stunning Picks Under $75

Welcome the sunshine and balmy temperatures with a new dress. Summer is the perfect time to introduce a casual occasion dress or two to your wardrobe and there are plenty of budget-friendly options on...
Runway model wearing designer clothing at a fashion show

How to Get Designer Goods for Less

If you dream of owning the classic Chanel 2.25 bag or a chic Burberry trench, but your checkbook says otherwise, this post is for you. Shopping for discount designer clothing can be something like...
Fiorucci logo

The Designer That Does Vinyl Right

Founded by Elio Fiorucci in 1967, Fiorucci is an iconic Italian fashion label best known for its on-trend selection of jeans, graphic tees, and statement vinyl trousers. Over the last several decades, Fiorucci has...
cost per wear by The Budget Fashionista

Cost Per Wear: How to Maximize Your Clothing Budget

My dad buys humongous cans of olives at Costco. It takes him a while to work through those olives, but he feels that Costco’s price per olive is too good of a deal to...
Learn How to Shop 1

Designer Spotlight: Michael Kors

With his distinguished sports-luxe aesthetic, Michael Kors (pronounced: My-Kal Ko-ors) is one of the world’s best known fashion designers. The New York-based entrepreneur focuses mainly on midrange women’s fashion, but has expanded his empire...
Learn How to Shop 2

Fab On-trend Swimsuit Picks for Women Over 40

Just a few weeks ago we were still talking scarves, coats and sweaters. But somehow we’ve fast-forwarded past the long winter, head first, into warm and sunny days. And before I’ve even put the...
Collage of Anna Sui designer pieces

How Anna Sui Became a Fashion Icon

American fashion designer Anna Sui (pronounced: AN-na SOO-ee) is best known for her ready-to-wear collections with a boho-chic aesthetic. Originally from Detroit, Sui has mastered the art of combining bright colors with black while...
Learn How to Shop 3

Bottega Veneta Spotlight — and What a $9k Outfit Looks Like

On April 16, iconic designer label Bottega Veneta (pronounced: Bo-TAY-ga Ve-NE-tah) launched its newest home collection during Milan’s Salone del Mobile. The home line-up was born with a single bench design in 2006, and has...
Learn How to Shop 4

Cheap Maternity Pieces We Love

Dressing up your bump is one of the fun parts of pregnancy. While you don’t need to replace your entire wardrobe, investing in stylish and cheap maternity clothes can keep the spirits high as...
Learn How to Shop 5

5 Steps to Designing Your Own Wedding Ring on a Budget

Oh! How many torments lie in the small circle of a wedding ring. English actor Colley Cibber commented on the torments of the wedding ring centuries before it became fashionable to design a ring...
Learn How to Shop 6

How to Buy Mom (or Yourself) a Dreamy Bathrobe

Every woman who appreciates a little self-indulgence needs a quality bathrobe. And by quality, I mean a piece that feels luxurious enough to wear for hours on end. It forces you into a state...
Woman with shopping bags

How to Shop Like a Budget Fashionista

Fashion is one thing, but budget fashion is quite another. It’s both a skill and a lifestyle choice/necessity to live stylishly without dropping a ton of cash. And while we regularly talk trends and...
red handbag in an eBay package

News: eBay Authenticate™ Allows You to Purchase Luxury Handbags with Confidence

A woman’s handbag is purchased every 13 seconds on eBay in the US. Some of those bags are fakes, unfortunately. eBay has launched eBay Authenticate™, a white glove authentication service designed to help the...
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