Where to Find Cheap UGGs — UGGs Outlet Stores & More

Bracing for cold weather here in the Northeast with thoughts of a warm, fuzzy feeling for your feet that UGG boots might provide? But maybe you want cheap Uggs? That is, you still want your toes cuddled by the sheepskin, but you don’t want to blow your winter shoe budget.

We can help you find lower-priced UGGs. (By the way, thoughts of wearing the boots aren’t just seasonal. A parade of UGG boot wearers is seen throughout the summer — many even on beach boardwalks. And let’s not forget on the West Coast, the boots are worn year-round.)

Pink UGGs just raring to go.
Pink UGGs just raring to go.

Where to Get Cheap Uggs — Online and In Store

Here’s the short story on how to find a deal on UGGs. UGG Australia has outlets all over the place with its footwear on discount, as do two big name retailers that have their own outlet stores that often offer cheap UGGs. Saks Fifth Avenue has its Off-Fifth and Nordstrom has its Nordstrom Rack. Online, there’s 6pm.com which often prices UGG styles, from boots to UGG slippers, below MSRP.


Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack does put UGGs on sale, usually in the range of 10-15% off. The stock includes close-out merchandise directly from the factory as well as clearance from Nordstrom full-line stores. It’s a great strategy to check back often, particularly around holidays to catch a bigger discount on your Uggs. You can often save 30% or more off retail if you time it right.


6pm.com came into our view when a friend raved about the great discount she got on a pair of Timberland boots. So we checked it out, and found UGG’s boots and its other footwear at the site. The discount on UGG boots was mostly 28%. The online retailer carries a large selection of Uggs, with non-traditional Ugg styles starting at less than $40.

An UGG classic short boot in plum sells for $109.90, down 29% from $155. But wait, you also can snag a discount of a whopping 55% on certain styles. A pair of black, block heeled, lace-up boots sells for $74.99, 57% off the retail price of $175.

cheap uggs - black ugg boots on sale


In Store

UGG Australia outlets all have the same discount policy. When merchandise ends up on the clearance rack, expect a 50% discount. There can be bigger discounts depending on color. A sparkle version of the classic boot in colors like ruby red, emerald and deco blue, was selling at $149, a steep deduction from the regular price of $20o or $275. You won’t find the classic boot in the standard colors like chestnut and black at the outlet. The merchandise at outlets are usually discontinued items or from past seasons.

Off-Fifth’s example of its discounts is a pair of UGG boots originally sold at the manufacturer’s suggested price of $160. Typically the discount at Off-Fifth on UGGs is 20%, so for these boots, the price was $128. When Off-Fifth has a sale, you may get an additional discount anywhere from 30%-40%. That would mean the boots could cost $89.60 at the additional 30% cut or $76.80 at the extra 40% break.

On our list of locations selling discounted UGGs on the next page, you’ll notice that some of the UGG Australia, Off-Fifth and Nordstrom Rack stores are in the same place, like Woodbury Commons and Jersey Gardens. That’s great because here’s an opportunity to compare and corner the best savings.