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No Time to Shop? Try These Online Shopping Hacks

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Staying stylish can seem impossible when you’re running your own crazy schedule — let alone an entire family’s on top of that. Finding the time to get out and shop for yourself is tough enough, but trying things on with kids in tow can be downright stressful. If you can relate, you need these five online shopping hacks just to keep your sanity.

Our Fav Online Shopping Hacks

In-Store Pick-Up 3 Ways

Buy now, pick up in store. Sometimes you need it same day, which means you can’t wait around for it to ship. Buy it online from sites like Nordstrom instantly, and then pick it up in-store an hour later while you’re out finishing other errands.

The kids won’t be fussy because you’ll be in and out, in as long as it takes you to scoop up the package from customer service. This one’s perfect for last-minute plans like a surprise date night. Even better, you get to skip the cost of shipping.

Where to buy online, pick up in store

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Many of our favorite retailers offer buy online, pick-up in store, including:

Where to get curbside pickup

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Power shopping tip: Shop Nordstrom, Sears or Target for an in-vehicle pickup option. Yeah, that’s right — you stay in the car and an associate brings your stuff to you within minutes.

All three stores run the curbside pickup program through their respective shopping apps, but that’s no dealbreaker. That is, as long as you don’t shop compulsively while you’re waiting in the car for your order.

  • Nordstrom — order from the Nordstrom iOS app and tap “I’m here” when you get to the store
  • Sears — shop from the app and check in when you get to the store
  • Target — order from the Target app and select Drive Up

Need to try it on? Reserve online & try in store

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Buying online and picking up in store becomes far less efficient if that peplum top doesn’t hang just right. And let’s face it, few of us can pick something out online and have it fit perfectly every time.

Here’s where another online shopping hack saves the day. Try reserving your garments online instead of buying them outright. That way, you can shop to your heart’s content at night in your PJs, without worrying about buyer’s remorse.

You’ll get a notification when your pieces are ready to try, and there’s no obligation for you to buy. Just drop by the store, try on your garments and take home the ones you like.

See these retailers for the reserve online, try in store option:

Rent…Yes, RENT

For special occasions

Sites like Rent the Runway have occasion dresses (and everyday items, too!) that ship out with free backup sizes. It’s fast and stress-free and music to any busy lady’s ears. Think designer dresses at a fraction of the cost, shipped faster than your go-to boutique. Try these sites for occasion dress rentals:

For work and play, everyday

We saved the best of our online shopping hacks for last. There are many subscription boxes out there, but our favorite is Le Tote. Le Tote stands out from the rest because you pay a single monthly fee to wear your clothes as much as you like.

Unlike StitchFix, you can enjoy your clothes from Le Tote without buying them. It’s a rental program, so you can wear your Le Tote pieces once or five times — it doesn’t matter. When you’re done with each tote, send it back and you’ll soon get another box of clothes to wear.

How’s that for a time-saver/life-changing online shopping hack? You may never need to shop again — unless you want to of course!

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