New School Online Shopping Tips for Moms

Staying stylish can seem impossible when you’re running your own crazy schedule — let alone an entire family’s on top of that. Finding the time to get out and shop for yourself is all too familiar for a lot of moms, but trying things on with kids in tow can be downright stressful. If you can relate, you need our new school shopping tips for moms.

Modern technology is changing the way we buy, and for ladies who lead the family day-in and day-out, the digital world is delivering major sanity points when it comes to keeping up with the newest fashions and upgrading the wardrobe. This goes well beyond your basic online shopping, too. Anyone armed with a smartphone or iPad can save some serious time with new shipping and purchasing options for backfilling the wardrobe. New moms and more stand to benefit, while maintaining a trend-forward rotation.

Online Shopping Tips for Moms

In-Store Pick-Up

Buy now, pick up in store. Sometimes you need it same day, which means you can’t wait around for it to ship. Buy it online from sites like Nordstrom instantly, and then pick it up in-store an hour later while you’re out finishing other errands. The kids won’t be fussy because you’ll be in and out, in as long as it takes you to scoop up the package from customer service. This one’s perfect for last-minute plans like a surprise date night. Even better, you get to skip the cost of shipping.

Power shopper’s tip: Sears has an in-vehicle pickup option. Yeah, that’s right — you stay in the car and an associate brings your stuff to you within five minutes. You’ll need the Sears app to let them know you’re waiting outside, but that seems like a pretty fair trade-off.

Many of our favorite retailers offer buy online, pick-up in store, including:

Rent…Yes, RENT

It was hard enough finding someone to watch the kids so you can actually attend the wedding, but finding the time to dress shop leading up to the event? Get real. Sites like Rent the Runway have occasion dresses (and everyday items, too!) that ship out with free backup sizes…just in case. It’s fast and it’s stress-free and it’s music to moms’ ears. Think designer dresses at a fraction of the cost, shipped faster than your go-to boutique.


Le Tote Subscription Box $59/month,

Subscription box services help you test the waters and get more bang for your buck. Beauty boxes can help you find products you love without having to stroll the aisles and trial costly full sizes each time. Clothing offerings send you a group of items chosen by a pro personal stylist with your own aesthetic in mind. Most ship both ways for free, and you keep what you like and send back what you don’t.


Melissa is creative communications professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.