Are You Trying This? The Personal Online Stylist

10 years ago, finding new and unique brands required heavy boutique shopping. It was one of the only ways to guarantee you weren’t caught sporting the same department store wares as friends or classmates. Plus, few chain stores were bringing in riskier up-and-coming labels, so their options were, um, boring. Today, it’s not a matter of having enough labels to distinguish your closet from the next person. Your bigger problem is reigning them all in and keeping up with the growing number of different designers available on the market.

Online Styling: What to Expect

The best way for busy fashion lovers to discover new and exciting brands lies like everything else, is in the power of the Internet. For ladies too occupied to find the time to surf blogs and catch show recaps, or for those who have always loved the convenience of a personal shopper, an online styling service will be your next big thing.

The personal online stylist starts with a simple questionnaire or a phone call to determine your individual aesthetic, likes and dislikes. Then you sit back and wait for your garments to arrive. You can expect:

  • A rotating list of names
  • Tutorials on how to pair them
  • Delivery of new clothes straight to your door

That means shopping in 2015 is as easy as sitting back as fresh names and trend pieces are mailed straight to your home or office. Keep what you like, send back what you don’t. Whether you’re a mom, suit or student, online styling services are efficient and give you a taste of the good life (aka personalized picks).


Melissa is creative communication professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.