Best Swimsuits for Tall Women

There are two things to consider when shopping for tall swimsuits – the size (duh) and the style. In terms of size, it can be difficult to find a swimsuit (especially a one piece) that is long enough to give you the coverage you need without the, ummmm, “Camel Toe” you don’t.

Style wise, it can be a challenge to find tall swimsuits without the crazy 1960s floral prints. But tall fashionistas need not fret, we’ve put together a guide with style tips and a killer selection of tall swimsuits on a budget (cause that’s how we do it). Check our tips for finding a tall swimsuit after the jump.

Tall Swimsuits Tips

Size: For tall fashionistas, the most challenging part of finding a swimsuit is finding one that has a proper rise (i.e. the distance from your waist in the front, under your crotch to your natural waist in the back. Avoid the dreaded “wedgie” by shopping for swimsuits specifically for those with long torsos, or swimsuits with adjustable neck straps (like halters), or two pieces like bikinis or tankinis which allow you to adjust the bottom to avoid any possible “camel” related issues.

Style: If you’ve got a long torso, try bringing attention to other parts of your body with patterns and bright colors. If you’re super leggy, try accentuating your hips with boy shorts. However, there’s nothing wrong with highlighting your lengthy legs with a high-cut. Oh, and, stock up on bikinis – it doesn’t matter how long your legs or torso are, bikinis should always fit. Plus, they’ll draw eyes to your hips and chest, which is a nice change when your mid-frame and legs usually hog the spotlight.

Those who enjoy shopping online will find a wealth of swimsuits fitted for their elongated body type. Land’s End, for example, has an awesome section devoted to taller swimmers, however their suits can be pricey at times. We’ve rounded up some great swimsuit options for the taller fashionista.

Our Tall Swimwear Picks

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