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The Best Swimsuits for Tall Women

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Finding the perfect swimsuit is tough no matter what body type you have. But as a tall woman, your concerns are more than finding the silhouette that flatters. You might struggle to find a one-piece that even covers your body, or a bikini that doesn’t look like a throwback from the 2000s’ low-rise era.

Tall Swimwear for Long Torsos

The one-piece challenge

Your length from shoulders to crotch turns heads, yes, but likely keeps you out of the running for many one-piece styles. There’s that distressing feeling that the straps are digging into your arms, for example. And of course, no one likes the poolside wedgie.

But you don’t necessarily have to swear off the one-piece. Off the rack, a standard-fit suit with a halter top provides some adjustability, and this may work for you. Also, more retailers are offering long-torso lines, and in trendy styles to boot. Try ASOS Tall, Lands’ End, Swim Outlet and Long Tall Sally for styles designed just for you.

A wholly solid-colored suit is likely to emphasize the length of your torso, which is great if you feel like showing off your height. If you prefer more balance in your beachside appearance, look for suits that mimic a two-piece — say, with a solid-colored bottom and patterned top-half.

Tall woman wearing one-piece swimsuit with patterned top
Women’s Long Tugless One Piece Swimsuit, $65, Lands’ End

Tankinis and Monokinis

Off the rack, your most flattering option may be the tankini or monokini. The beauty of a two-piece swimsuit is that it creates a bit of separation, leaving you with a more balanced appearance from top to bottom. But your choice of bottoms is everything. A high waist contributes to that balance, while a low waist will show a lot of abs.

The “almost one-piece” style is also a nice solution from a fit perspective — you’ll sidestep that problem of the suit digging into all the wrong places.

Tall woman wearing floral tankini top and striped bottoms
Beach Floral Triangle Tankini Top, $59.50, LOFT

Featuring adjustable straps and removable cups, this is the perfect option for women with tall torsos who have trouble with a one-piece suit. Slip into a pair of matching LOFT Beach Floral Reversible Hipster Bikini Bottoms to complete the look.

Tall Swimwear for Long Legs

Traditional styles with a tweak

If your height is in your legs and not your torso, then little of the above applies to you. A tall-sized one-piece probably won’t fit and a high-waisted bottom makes your torso look too short for your legs.

Still, you can show off your leggy bod in a one-piece or bikini with bottoms that are low-cut at the thigh. Think boy short, hipster and swim skirt styles.

This fun suit features a vivid chevron pattern that draws the eye upward, making it a great option for those with longer legs who want to establish a more uniform look with their suit. It’s simple, yet bright and playful.

Also cute if you’ve got long legs, this pretty swimdress is all about making the most of your body type by pulling the attention to the moto-inspired lacing on top. It’s a little edgy, but also plenty feminine thanks to the flirty skirted bottom.

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