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6 New Year’s Resolutions and the Tools You Need to Stick to Them

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If you’re over the age of oh, I don’t know, 10 years old, you’ve likely experienced the demise of a New Year’s resolution or two. The more serious and lofty the goal, the faster it seems to slip out of your overly optimistic grasp. lists the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions, and not a one will surprise you. You’ve probably made at least half of them for yourself at one point in time: they mostly revolve around being healthier, making more money, spending more time with family and friends, and getting organized.

To help you stay on target and improve your overall well-being, we’ve rounded up the top tools to make sticking to the most popular resolutions for the new year a little easier, and a whole lot cooler. Pair these cool gadgets with those goal-setting apps that hold you accountable and head into the new year with complete confidence that you’re going to kill it.

The best tools to keep those New Year’s resolutions

1. To get up earlier

If you’ve been known to snooze the iPhone alarm a few too many times, you might need to go back to the basics and invest in a good ole alarm clock. The trick is to keep it on the other side of your room. You know, in a place where you have to get up to turn it off.

We like the simplicity of this LED clock, which looks like a polished piece of wood that displays the time.

2. To use your gym membership

If you’re looking to instill some gym time into your weekly routine, this water bottle makes it convenient. It’ll hold your keys, your membership card and some cash for a post-workout juice (if you feel so inclined). Most importantly, having water at the ready keeps you hydrated throughout your session.

3. To eat right

If food prepping is on the January agenda to aid in weight loss or just proper portioning, a cute kitchen scale is what you need. You might as well dole out your proteins, fruits, and veggies in style, yes?

Bright blue kitchen scale
Digital Kitchen Scale, $10.99, Amazon

This beautiful blue option adds pizzazz to your kitchen, keeps you from over-doing it with the serving spoon, and hangs on the wall for ultimate space efficiency.

4. To get more done

Planner with floral cover
Hardbound Blooming Petals Planner, $15, Stylish and Co.

Check your schedule and pencil in all new excitement with a conveniently sized planner that feels better in your hand than any device. Jot down your goals and to-dos, or fill the pages with details of your perfect lifestyle. Nothing like a vivid, hand-written description of what you’re working towards to keep you motivated. This pretty little book can handle it all and it’s far more appealing to the eye than an app.

5. To make more money

Silver Money Bag Charm
Sterling Silver Money Bag Charm, $12.79, Amazon

What better way to keep your goals top-of-mind than a stylish reminder you can wear? This darling sterling silver charm slips onto your favorite charm bracelet or a dainty silver chain. Put it on everyday with a smile and feel grateful for your present and the amazing future that awaits.

6. To get organized

Imagine having your socks neatly paired in their own sections. Or your bras lined up so that they’ll never get dented and you can always find exactly the color you want. The beauty of these drawer organizers is that once you set things up the way you want, it’s not hard to keep your delicates in line — assuming you don’t lose any socks in the dryer of course.

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