How to Wear the Wedding Jumpsuit

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I’m willing to bet there’s an outdated etiquette book that scoffs at the idea of women wearing any kind of trouser to a wedding, but who follows old-school etiquette anymore anyway? Half the invites we receive aren’t strict on the rules — don’t we regularly see white worn by both bridesmaids and guests? And, we’ve all seen (and even heard) our fair share of phones during the ceremony. Basically, wedding guidelines all around have relaxed a bit. Especially for attire. Sure, a casual romper isn’t the right choice for a black tie ceremony, but a wedding jumpsuit? That can work for the guests and even the bridal party.

Just as a slick suit or two-piece skirt and shell can serve as elegant wedding attire, the wedding jumpsuit has made its made its way to the top of the trend list as an alternative to cocktail dresses and gowns. It’s perfect for the gal who likes to make a more unique statement (or get her comfortable dance on), while blending effortlessly into a crowd or photos.

As with all occasion wear, it’s all about the fabric and palette:

  • Choosing flowy silks and chiffons ensure your silhouette flatters and your hems swish along like any other dress.
  • Classic black and white are guaranteed to keep you looking dressed up, and a thematic print can put you on par for the best dressed list.

No matter what your role is on the big day, there’s a way to rock a jumpsuit that’s as seamless as more traditional wedding wears.

The Bridal Jumpsuit

The bridal jumpsuit is a modern, fresh take on the wedding gown. Long or short, it fits in just as well at a backyard or beach wedding as it does at the courthouse. We love a structured silhouette for the bride, something that shows off the shoulders, highlights the small of the waist and stands out enough so everyone knows this is her party, and she’s here to have fun.

The Bridesmaid Jumpsuit

Here’s a new take on the mismatched bridesmaids trend. Try a jumpsuit in the group’s specified colors or prints. Your besties will jump at the chance to invest in a bridesmaid dress that’s truly reusable. Even a flowy, full-length jumpsuit can dressed down easier than the average bridesmaid dress. And, with so many options available on the market, it’s easy to match the neckline, length or any factor your bride bestie has in mind for the main event.

Wedding Jumpsuits For Guests

Black and white jumpsuit, part of our wedding jumpsuit collection
Lauren Ralph Lauren Wide-Leg Jersey Jumpsuit, $119, Macy’s

And by the time you’re heading to that third summer ceremony on the calendar, a chic jumpsuit can be the best way to give your dress rotation a well-deserved break. Whether you’re heading to a laidback party or five-star fete, the jumpsuit provides a welcome respite.

Throw a LBJ (little black jumpsuit) into the lineup or choose something with a vibrant print for weddings with a bold theme. Either choice will come off just as polished (once you add the right heels and accessories course) to give you the more formal feeling you’re used to.


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