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The Best Swimsuit Styles & Where to Buy Them Under $50

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It’s swimsuit season fashionistas. That means you get to flaunt your figure (and your fashion) in your teeniest, tiniest ensembles. But who wants to spend a $100 or more for a little strip of fabric you’ll only wear for a few months?

We don’t either. We’d much rather invest $50 in a classic suit that’ll be wearable next year and the year after — for as long as we take care of that dainty beach wear.

From that perspective, the best swimsuit styles are not the hottest trends. No, ma’am. They’re the styles with staying power. Here are 10 swimsuit styles for a budget fashionista to love.

10 Best Swimsuit Styles for Budget Fashionistas

1. Polka dots

The yellow polka-dot bikini has been an icon for decades, and it never goes out of style. But if yellow’s not your thing, try classic black or even red.

2. String swimsuits

When it comes to sexy suits, there’s nothing hotter than a string bikini. Simple yet stylish, this versatile style can be your go-to beachwear for years.

3. One-shoulder suits

The single-shouldered swimsuit is chic and exotic. It has a wow factor all on its own, without beads, sequins and other details that will eventually going to fall off anyway.

4. Striped suits

Nothing screams nautical like stripes, so when you’re hitting the water, dress the part in a striped bikini. It’s cute, but not too girlish, and blue and white stripes will never go out of style.

5. Any shade of blue

Turquoise, teal, navy, sky — whatever the shade, blue is the color of the beach. Rock your favorite shade of this hue in your swimsuit without worrying about which color Pantone has picked in any given year. The “it” hues change all the time. But at the beach, blue is always in.

6. Retro style

Take the classic suit to the extreme with a truly timeless ensemble. Retro is fun and sexy. And, it’s a very cool way to wear a suit that offers a bit more coverage.

7. Swimdress

A skirted swimsuit has style and — like a retro suit — is ideal for the conservative fashionista. Whatever your size or shape, a skirt leaves a little to the imagination, while letting you show off your girly side.

8. Tropical prints

You can channel your inner Brazilian supermodel by donning a suit with a floral and palm prints. When you hit the shimmering sands, you’ll look right at home in your gorgeous tropical swimsuit.

9. All black

Ah, the LBD of swimsuits. You just can’t go wrong with a black halter swimsuit. It’s flattering and will never, ever go out of style.

10. Ruffle top

Last on our list of the best swimsuit styles is the ruffle top. Women of any age or size can rock ruffles to stand out at the beach. For petite ladies, they add fullness in the areas you need it most. On curvy women, a ruffle can add coverage without looking frumpy.

Want to stand out this summer? We suggest ruffles.