The Hunt for Kate Spade Coupons

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When I was nine-years-old, my mom bought me a pair of knock-off Vans at Payless — the iconic slip-ons in two-tone blue. Everyone on the playground was wearing them. And when I showed up with lookalikes, of course I got some lip from my classmates. (Snobby little buggers, right?)

That’s how I learned this life lesson: Lookalikes and knock-offs have their place, but there are times when only the real deal will do.

These days, I don’t care much whether the kids approve of my knock-off canvas shoes, but I wouldn’t dare carry around a fake Kate Spade bag. And there’s no need to, either. In our digital age, there’s always a way to pay less than full price. Combine a sale with an online discount code, for example, and that coveted bag can be mine for a slighty spendy, but still tolerable price.

This is the bag I’m after. I don’t want to pay $378 for it, so I went on the hunt for kate spade coupon codes. Here’s how it went down.

Email Me My Code

If you are new to kate spade new york, the simplest way to get a discount is to sign up for emails. When you visit, you should get a pop-up invite that looks like this:

Kate spade coupon code screenshot

15% off plus free shipping is a nice deal. That takes the price of my $378 satchel down to about $320. I could stash $75 a month and have that bag paid for by December. Happy holidays to me!!

So that’s a workable plan for your first kate spade purchase, but what happens next? Once you use your 15% sign-up perk, are you relegated to full-price for all of time? Well, to answer that question, let’s do some digging.

Googling for Discounts

My go-to for coupons and discounts is DealSpotr. I typically don’t even bother with Googling for codes anymore, because it’s usually a waste of time. But for the sake of research, I’ll go that route and see what turns up.

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