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Close up of woman with beautiful skin

How to Get Better Skin! 6 Easy Tips for Healthier Skin

Want to wake up to healthy, glowing skin every day? I mean, who doesn’t? Figuring out how to get better skin may not your top priority in life right now, but maybe it falls...
Woman smiling standing in park

Slow Your Roll! 5 Easy Ways to Support the Slow Fashion Movement for a Better, Healthier Momma Earth

Every decade brings its own set of cultural norms. While the 50s were the era of classy retro jazz fashion, the 60s morphed into the space-age phenomena. Similarly, the decade of 2000s was all...
hair scarf 3

7 Brilliant Hair Scarf Styles

There’s no better time to bring back the hair scarf than right now. I mean, we’re all stuck at home, not showering, wearing PJs all day, and watching our roots grow. But when jeans...
Olivia Pope outfit

How to Dupe Olivia Pope Style for Less

If I could, I’d look like Olivia Pope every day. Even after Scandal’s seven-season run has ended, she’s still one of the fiercest characters on TV. Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is beautiful, confident,...
Couple on romantic date

5 Clever and Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Here are five romantic anniversary ideas that'll work as well for a three-month anniversary as a 50-year anniversary. Ready to get inspired? Jump in now!
Adventure Trips 4

Outdoor Style! How to Look Fierce and Fashionable on Any Outdoor Adventure

If you’re planning on spending more time embracing Mother Nature in 2020, you might be looking for ways to combine your passion for adventure and your affinity for style. And while you might associate...
Woman looking fashionable

How to Look Expensive — 5 Genius Hacks

For when your budget tells you to stop buying is how to look expensive five ways. You can still be a stylish lady without spending $$.
Fashionable woman wearing wardrobe staples

Budget Fashionista Secret: These 4 Wardrobe Staples Are Worth a Higher Price Tag

If you follow the cost-per-wear mindset, it's OK to buy pricier pieces -- as long as you can get lots of use from them. When you choose the right garments to splurge on, you'll...
Woman writing new years resolutions

Make This Year Your Best Yet: Stylish Tools That’ll Help You Stick to Those New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re over the age of oh, I don’t know, 10 years old, you’ve likely experienced the demise of a New Year’s resolution or two. The more serious and lofty the goal, the faster it...
Woman measuring her eyebrows

Win the Eyebrow Game With This Handy Guide to the Best Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face

Anytime you’re thinking about going for a natural makeup look, it’s important that your brows are on point. Whether you prefer a thick, full eyebrow style or something more streamlined, you can enhance your...
natural makeup look 5

Natural Makeup Look: Get that Fresh and Clean Beauty Look Now

Sure, we’d love to roll out of bed each morning and, voila, be ready to go with bright eyes and sculpted cheeks. But perfecting the natural makeup look isn’t always, well, natural. Real life...
Wrapped generic gift on table

Here’s How to Avoid Those Awkward Situations When Someone Unexpectedly Buys You a Holiday Gift

Most moms know about the toy stockpile. These are the small children’s gifts you buy up during sales to have on hand when junior gets invited to last-minute parties. Stockpile gift ideas are the inexpensive,...
office holiday party 6

Don’t Be That Girl! 6 Rules To Live By for the Holiday Work Party

There’s one party every year where business is guaranteed to mix with pleasure: the holiday office party. It’s that time to let your hair down (finally) with your coworkers, have a few laughs, and...
baby shower outfit

Casual Baby Shower Outfit—Less Than $150

Specs: Body type: Rectangle Occasion: Casual baby shower Styling: Subtle and sophisticated Budget: Under $150 Pieces: Sloan Skinny Fit Side Stripe Pants, $24.99, Banana Republic Catherine Catherine Malandrino Cashmere Sweater, $39.97, Nordstrom Rack Sole...
Closeup of woman with brown eyes and professional makeup

Stunning Makeup Looks to Complement Brown Eyes

Nearly 55 percent of the world’s population has brown eyes — which means brown is the world’s most common eye color. But what is common need not be boring. Brown eyes are actually super...
Woman wearing duster cardigan and crop top

The Duster Cardigan: How to Wear It

Ah, the duster cardigan. It’s an elegant take on a classic fall layering piece. And they’re so fun to wear, too. There’s just something about this silhouette that makes me feel taller, slimmer and...
Woman wearing handkerchief hem dress on sand dunes

5 Reasons to Add a Shark Bite Dress to Your Summer Wardrobe

The shark bite dress — also known as a dress with a handkerchief hem — is visually interesting, generally flattering and also perfect for warm, sticky summer days. You’ll want one in your summer wardrobe because...
Woman wearing sundress in front of a fountain

Sundresses — 4 Styles and 12 Picks Under $50

Sundresses for summer? How inventive, right? But let’s take a minute to put aside the preconceived notions and focus what really makes these single silhouettes great. Sure, they’re feminine and flirty. And they’re also...
How to pack makeup: Makeup travel bag

Travel Pro: How to Pack Your Makeup

Your boss just informed you that she’s sending you to Japan next week. Or, you realized today that your family reunion in Nebraska, planned three months ago, is this weekend. In either case, the...
Woman in picnic outfit near basket of food

Summer Fun in Style: What to Wear to a Picnic

Ah, summer. That means slippin’ into sandals, driving with the windows down and, of course, enjoying the tradition of a great summer picnic. But before you start making your famous macaroni salad, think first...
Woman with striped scarf tied in her hair

Heads Up! Pretty Summer Hair Scarves Under $20

Easy, breezy hairstyles are having their moment this year, and we’re pretty happy about it. I’d rather be outside, having fun than inside styling my hair, any day of the week. But even so,...
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