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The Duster Cardigan: How to Wear It

Ah, the duster cardigan. It’s an elegant take on a classic fall layering piece. And they’re so fun to wear, too. There’s just something about this silhouette that makes me feel taller, slimmer and more purposeful. And, why wear a short cardigan when you can have one that drapes down to your knees?

Don’t for a second think this look is outside your wheelhouse, either. Anyone can style a duster cardigan for work or play. And once you get the hang of it, you’re going to be hooked. (It happened to me! My go-to is the duster paired with a sheath dress and tights.)

How to Style a Duster Cardigan

For the office

As Eve shows us, the long cardigan is definitely office appropriate. This outfit looks so chic, but it’s so simple, too. A pair of straight black trousers, a light white blouse, patterned pumps and a neutral tote create the perfect backdrop for a long layer on top.

Lean towards cardis that are a neutral, solid color. That maximizes your mix-n-match opportunities for the office.

For a date

You can play the long cardigan one of two ways on a date. As shown above, you can elevate your dark wash skinnies and tank to a whole new level of sexy. Don’t forget the bold handbag, stocked with your fav red lipstick!

You can also wear the duster over bodycon. This outfit is perfect when you want to make an impression — your saucy, sexy self is hiding out under that long sweater. You know it. Your date knows it. Hey, is it getting hot in here?

For play

A patterned cardi worn over jeans and a t-shirt works beautifully on your cool, casual days. Try boyfriend jeans, rolled up and anchored with ankle booties. Add a cross-body bag and sunnies and you’re ready for a solid day of outdoor shopping with your gal pals.

For statement-making

If you get your hands on a duster cardi that’s bold as can be, keep the rest of your outfit muted or even monochrome. That way, the boldest piece can do the talking — without interruption from the rest of your outfit.

For the festival

The duster cardigan is similar in shape to the kimono. And the kimono is a popular choice for festival-goers. So you might have the urge to team your cardi with a hat and choker and even denim shorts. All that’s fine (well, except for maybe the choker), just know that you’re rocking a festival vibe at that point.

How are you wearing the duster cardigan? Let us know in the comments.