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Bedroom Decor: 3 Fab & Simple Ways to Overhaul Your Decor!

Like your wardrobe, your home decor — specifically in your bedroom — can feel stale if you haven’t made any changes in a while. But you know what? If you’re uninspired by your bedroom’s interior design, you’re not stuck with it. A few simple tweaks can revamp your bedroom decor for a fresh feel.

Below are three easy ideas to inspire you.

Change your bedding

Although the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, it’s easy to become blind to it. That’s why switching out the bedding, or even the bed, can change the whole dynamic of a room. You have many options here, ranging from cheap to pricey.


An updated set of sheets can add new flair to the rest of your bedding by adding contrast. And, bonus, you may enjoy a dreamier night’s sleep on fresh, soft sheets. If you’re into luxury, a washable silk sheet by a brand like lunya could be a wonderful indulgence.

Duvet cover

There are also plenty of designs for duvet covers, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style perfectly. Try a fun pattern or go for a solid color with an interesting texture.

Bedroom with colorful bedding

Throw pillows

As for throw pillows, don’t go overboard. You don’t need 14 pillows — you can pull the bedroom look together with as few as three pillows.

If you choose a comforter that has a busier pattern or several colors, keep your pillows focused on one or two colors or textures. If your bedding is more basic, use throw pillows to take it up a notch. Play with different textures like velvet and faux fur to create dimension.

The bed itself

If you’re feeling splurgy, a new bed in a nontraditional color can be transformative. A grey bed, for example, is versatile and elegant enough to complement almost any decor style. Grey is very fashionable in modern decor because it can blend with bold colors and more subdued palettes. This allows you to go in almost any direction the next time you’re ready to swap out the bedding and pillows.

2. Swap outdated wall decor for modern art

Wall decor gone wrong can create a confusing or frustrating ambience in your bedroom — and that’s the worst! Cluttered shelves, contrasting art prints, or overcrowded walls could be the culprits, but this is an easy problem to fix.

Wall with interesting artwork

First, select one or two pieces of wall decor you do want to keep. Take away the rest for now. Now, evaluate the pieces you like. Are they bold, star players or more subtle role players?

If you are starting with bold pieces, you can round out the walls of your room with simple artwork that creates a nice backdrop. But if the pieces you have are understated, you’ll shop for a statement-making item that’ll add pop to the room.

Designing cohesive wall decor is all about balancing color and style. Just as you do when you put together an outfit, pick one or two statement pieces at most. Then surround that bolder item with coordinating pieces that have a simpler feel.

3. Paint your walls, or just one

Tired of boring, beige walls? Painting is one way to take your bedroom from snooze-worthy to awe-worthy. Whether you choose to go with your favorite hue, or something subdued yet impactful, painting your walls can give a room a complete makeover.

bedroom decor 1

Before choosing a wall color, research color psychology to get a better idea of how it will impact the mood of your room. For example, while red might be your favorite color, it can be intense as a wall color. Red creates an overall sense of alertness — and that’s not exactly ideal for the room you sleep in.

If you really want your bedroom decor to be anchored by an intense color, start with a single wall. That can create an stunning focal point for an otherwise simple room. You could also experiment with a pattern on a single wall, such as chevron or stripes. Just be sure to use wall stencils for a professional look.

Even if you are decorating on a budget, these three ideas will help you create a room you love with minimal effort.

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