How To Pack Travel Makeup Bag

Your boss just informed you that she’s sending you on a business trip next week to Japan. Or you just looked at your calendar and realized that your family reunion in Nebraska is this weekend! Don’t get us wrong; we know vacations and business trips are exciting and something to look forward to. However, they are also one of the most stressful things to prepare for. In addition to your daily routine, you need to set aside a budget, spend spare time planning, and of course make sure you have everything you’ll need when you are packing.

How to Pack Travel Makeup Bag

Packing for a trip can either be completely stressful or a breeze. By keeping organized and planning ahead, you can ensure that you won’t forget anything important. With all the focus on clothes, you can easily forget beauty supplies and makeup, yet those items are equally important for business meetings and those long lasting family photos that you know cousin Ethel will put up on Facebook. So, here are a few steps to packing your makeup for travel quickly and effectively.

1. Check Your Daily Items

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Even the smallest item can cost you big bucks if you forget it (like toothpaste from the gift shop in your hotel.) So, spend some time thinking of what you use every day. If you have a special color treated hair shampoo, for example, your hotel will not provide that. Similarly, if you have a favorite lotion, prefer Q-tip brand vs. the lookalikes, etc. remember to bring them along. Also account for evenings out and special events that might take place while you are traveling.

2. Think About Size

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Now that you know what you want to bring, you’ll need to check the requirements for your airline if you are flying. Most airlines want your liquids or gels in a 3 oz. container or less and all liquids or gels together should fit in a quart sized Ziplock bag. Lots of people think that lotions or creams are not included in this, but they are. Even if your container is half full, we still recommend transferring your product to an empty bottle so that you don’t have to hand it over to airline employees. Seriously, there’s nothing sadder than giving up half full bottle of Chanel perfume to the TSA.

3. Keep it Neat

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We’ve all had various items break in our bags whether you travel by car, plane, or train. Sometimes, that is completely unavoidable so you’ll need to plan ahead. Take anything that’s a liquid (lotion, foundation, lipgloss, etc.) and place it in its own zip bag. That way, if it breaks in your bag, it won’t leak and ruin your clothes. By following these brief steps, you should be all set to take off without incurring any additional expenses.