A Stylish Blazer for Each Season ($50 and under)

If you’re a working gal and you haven’t invested in what I like to call “seasonal blazering,” then you’re missing out. What better way to take a solid colored shirt and turn it into a professional outfit? Jeans or a skirt and boom, you’re dressed. Here we’ve got four women’s blazers that should have you ready for work all year around. And they’re all $50 and under. You’re welcome.

For Winter: The Sweater Blazer

This sweater blazer from Kohl’s is probably just as comfortable as it is fashionable. Because this blazer is also a sweater, it’s the ideal accessory to wear around the office once you take off your overcoat. The open design is modern and will allow your upper body to move freely.  Try adding a grey scarf and long sleeve undershirt for an edgier look.

womens blazers - grey sweater blazer for women

 Lauren Conrad Open Front Sweater Blazer, $48, Kohls

For Spring: The Bright, Cropped Blazer

womens blazers - green spring blazer

 Piped Madison Blazer, $49.97, The Limited

Who can resist a green jacket this vibrant? Take note of this: a bright blazer can be worn as a statement piece by pairing it with solid colors. What a way to revise those old skinnies and white shirts! This is also a versatile jacket you can wear to work and out at night — try switching things up by rolling the sleeves up or down. You can even pop the collar up for a high-fashion vibe.

For Summer: The Cotton Blazer

Ponte Blazer, $29.99, Target

Wearing lighter colors in the summer months will generally keep you cool. But that’s only one of the reasons I love this blazer from Shop Cali Boutique. This mostly cotton blazer is lightweight with two side pockets. Although it has a traditional blazer look, it’s soft enough to wear over a casual dress.

For Fall: The Plaid Blazer

womens blazers - fitted plaid blazer

 Plaid Blazer, $44, Venus

Plaid is undeniably a fall pattern. Why not celebrate scarecrows, pumpkins, and good old checkers with this fitted blazer from Venus. The fit of this blazer is the differentiator. It’s crafted to accentuate your figure — the curves of your busts, the small of your waist, and hips. The gold button adds a gorgeous contrast to the red-and-black plaid pattern. If you want to be the talk of the office (in a good way), this blazer is a good start.

What’s the best thing about wearing a blazer? Do you like our seasonal picks? Comment below!



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