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How to Dupe Olivia Pope Style for Less

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If I could, I’d look like Olivia Pope every day. Even after Scandal’s seven-season run has ended, she’s still one of the fiercest characters on TV. Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is beautiful, confident, and unforgettable — as well as so, so stylish.

Granted, you are likely stuck at home right now, wondering what relevance Olivia Pope has to the quarantined lifestyle. Truth is, little things are getting me through this stressful time. Little things like watching Scandal on Netflix, dreaming about a wardrobe that’s both powerful and ultra classy, and challenging myself to find budget pieces that emulate Olivia Pope style. Hopefully, you joining me on this throwback journey into Olivia Pope style could be as much a stress-reliever for you as it is for me.

With that, let’s dive into the best of Olivia Pope outfits. And then, I’ll share how you can dress like Olivia Pope for less.

Best Olivia Pope Outfits

Olivia Pope shows us that you don’t need tons of color in your wardrobe to make a statement. She is the queen of gray, beige, black, and white. But as drab as most of the clothes in her wardrobe have been, I think the (lack of) color scheme serves her well. Her powerful personality makes the statement, after all.

Olivia Pope wearing grey jacket
Olivia Pope, in her Tattersall belted coat, is leading the charge to find new clients in this episode.
Olivia Pope wearing black and white dress
Elegant gown in black and white for a woman who operates in gray areas.
Olivia Pope wearing beige jacket
Maybe Olivia Pope’s secrets—of which there are multitudes—is in this cream portfolio, which matches her bag as she wears bland beige jacket.
Olivia Pope wearing blue pantsuit
Skepticism and annoyance seem to cross Olivia Pope’s face even in this calming color pantsuit.
Kerry Washington in red dress
Kerry Washington sizzles in red. Her character “Olivia Pope” tends to favor muted, light colors, in contrast.
Olivia Pope wearing gray
The gladiator sits, oh so, comfortably with political signs in the background. Of course, politics is her life blood. Disney
Olivia Pope wearing pink.
Pretty in pink in this steamy scene with the “President.”
Olivia Pope wearing white top and black pants
Olivia Pope walks off into the sunset with her signature black and white clothing. She’ll be back, though.
Olivia Pope wearing checked jacket
Is Olivia Pope listening for a change? We say her houndstooth coat with sleeves meeting leather gloves elegantly is very sharp.
Kerry Washington wearing blue ruffle dress
Saks Fifth Avenue paid tribute to Olivia Pope in a window display showing fashions she might pick. Maybe a little flamboyant, given her preference for understated colors.
Olivia Pope wearing gold gown
Is Olivia Pope showing a little bump? Well let’s see how ABC handles Kerry Washington’s pregnancy in the new season.

Olivia Pope Style for Less

Ready to bring some Olivia Pope flair into your own wardrobe? Here’s how to do it.

The coat isn’t an afterthought

There is an art to making your coat part of your outfit and not just the thing you throw on as you’re heading out the door.

Beige trenchcoat
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Olivia Pope loves a trenchcoat. Look for clean lines, lining (to keep you warm), and a belt if you’re worried about it being shapeless. A neutral tone is super versatile, but white or baby blue can also add a huge pop to your winter and spring outfits.

Go big on tweed

Olivia Pope wears a lot of tweed. And granted, she works in an office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t don the look outside of work.

Tweed blazer
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A tweed jacket looks polished over a fitted trouser or even a nice pair of jeans. Or, for a breezier look, try a lighweight, A-line skirt. Wear the combo on an evening out or to Sunday brunch.

Gold tweed skirt
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The tweed skirt is another favorite. You can dress this up with a blazer, or down with a silky t-shirt. Find this flashy gold skirt on sale at Century 21.

Choose sexy fabrics

Green silky wrap blouse
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Olivia Pope does a fantastic job of choosing soft and luscious fabrics to give her that alluring vibe. Mimic that simmering sex appeal by choosing tops and dresses made of touchable textures.

Cowl neck blouse
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Olivia Pope has taught us this. If the top has some softness to it — courtesy of, say, a subtle cowl neckline — it’s a perfect match for an otherwise “all business” outfit. Wear this feminine top to balance your masculine-inspired power suit.

Dress up like a goddess

Mint green flowing dress
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For more formal occasions, opt for a long maxi with draping or soft gathers. You’ll look and feel like a Greek goddess. Don’t forget the strappy sandals to match!

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