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Outdoor Style! How to Look Fierce and Fashionable on Any Outdoor Adventure

If you’re planning on spending more time embracing Mother Nature in 2020, you might be looking for ways to combine your passion for adventure and your affinity for style. And while you might associate outdoor style with oversized flannels and unstructured shapes, there’s so much more to it. By being intentional with shapes, colors, and patterns, you can achieve a fierce and fashionable look — whether you’re climbing mountains or camping in deserts.

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Read on for some of our best tips and tricks for defining your outdoor style while still benefiting from the functional features of outdoor wear.

Outdoor Style: Prioritize Comfort

When you’re living your most primal life, being in stiff jeans and a high heels definitely isn’t the best outfit choice. Obvious, right? But being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to wear shapeless pants tucked into bulky boots. The best starting place for blending adventure with fashion is to add few stylish but fashionable staples to your wardrobe. Here are our top picks.

Must-have #1: a great pair of leggings

Plum leggings
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Whether or not you’re into hiking rain forests or running trails, every active lady needs a great pair of leggings in her life. These leggings are made using plastic water bottles and many of the color varieties mimic natural colors you’d see in the outdoors. Colors like rust, olive, plum, and charcoal are great for pairing with other activewear items or even casual attire.

Must-have #2: sensible footwear

Outside, your body is more exposed to the harsh natural elements of the environment. So the best outfit choices should protect you from sun, rain, thorns, and other factors that could cause injury or discomfort. A pair of hiking shoes for women are the ideal shoe for all of your outdoor activities because they’re built to handle tough climbs, debris, and harsh weather. We say “for women” specifically because you should shop in the ladies section for these. That’s where you’ll find the feminine shapes and unique designs that suit your aesthetic.

Function can be in fashion

Depending on the kind of adventure you’re partaking in, you might need a small bag of supplies or you could need three or four days worth of survival gear for a backpacking trip or a car camping weekend. Here are two essentials to make sure to pack with you.

Must-have #3: a carry-all bag

Green backpack
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No matter where your adventures take you, you’ll need a stylish carry-all bag to house your necessary supplies. These adventure backpacks are unisex and low-profile enough to go from the mountains to the desert and still look sleek enough to hit up the brewery on the way home.

Must-have #4: headwear

Mint green beanie
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Stylish outdoorsy women should have a hat made for each season. For winter, knit beanies make for a great addition to your outfit, but they’re also there to serve an important purpose, to keep you warm—heat escapes from your head after all. And for summer and spring months, a wool wide brimmed hat is a great choice to keep you cool and protected from the sun.

Must-have #5: versatile outerwear

You’ve always got to be prepared for braving the elements when spending time outdoors. Rain, snow, sun could all be in the forecast, so it’s best to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Your experience will be more enjoyable because of it!

A versatile jacket is a must for any gal who spends a substantial amount of time outside. Puffy jackets are a good choice if you spend a lot of time in the cold. Since they’re made with down feathers, they’re lightweight and packable, but still provide a lot of warmth.

Unique accessories

Accessories serve you well, whether you’re spending some long overdue time in the outdoors or you’re getting dressed for a hot date. Here are some accessory picks to help you stand out in any crowd.

Must-have #6: funky and functional sunglasses

Viper sunglasses for outdoor style
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A unique pair of sunglasses could be just the thing to take your look up a notch. These one-of-a-kind sunglasses are a playful finishing touch to a biking look, spring skiing fit, or a signature camping look.

Must-have #7: a smile and confident attitude

The key to mastering your personal outdoor style? Unwavering confidence! Having a shining and supportive attitude goes a long way wherever life takes you, but it’s especially useful when you’re challenging your body, mind, and spirit in the great outdoors!

Use these tips to help you have a fun and fashionable time enjoying all that nature has to offer!