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Shark Bite Dress: How to Wear the Handkerchief Hem Dress

The shark bite dress — also known as a dress with a handkerchief hem — is visually interesting, generally flattering and also perfect for warm, sticky summer days. You’ll want one in your summer wardrobe because it’s versatile enough for work, beach or even dressier occasions.

If all that versatility isn’t a selling point for you, here are five more benefits of the shark bite dress.

1. A Shark Bite Dress Enhances Your Curves

The name shark bite refers to the hem of the garment. The blunt points of the hem create the negative shape of a triangle, which kinda looks like a shark has taken a bite out of your dress.

You can find shark bite dresses, and tops too, in a variety of asymmetrical cuts. And a savvy fashion gal knows how to use the lines of a garment to showcase or disguise different parts of the body.

This gorgeous turquoise dress from Kohl’s relies on cap sleeves and the shark bite hemline to add balanced curves to this straight-shaped model’s figure. The lightweight acetate and spandex blend drapes beautifully over the hips, while the longer hemline on the outside adds a hint of fullness to the skirt.

The end result is an easy, breezy look that can be completed with sandals, wedges or even a nice pair of sneakers and a denim jacket.

2. They Can Minimize Curves Too

Curvy girls sometimes want the option to look “streamlined.” You can get that look by choosing a dress where the “bite” reaches down to the feet. No matter how much shorter the dress is at the highest point of the hem, you’ll want the side hems and back hems to be closer to the ground.

Wear the dress below from Amazon, and you get to show some leg AND the length at the back and sides creates a long, slim look. The solid color of the dress also slims.

3. Shark Bite Dresses are Shoe-Friendly

The shark bite dress goes with any shoe, including sneakers. Because the dress has that versatile hi-low action at the hem, you never have to worry about your shoes being covered up, or having to wear a high shoe just to support the length of the dress.

If you want a fun, flirty look, wear a gladiator sandal. If you want to be sporty, wear a tennis shoe. And lastly, if you want to dress up, go for a strappy sandal. Opened-toe, closed-toe…no shoe is off limits!

4. You’ll Keep Cool

Dresses with a shark bite cut are meant to be breathable and light. You’ll usually find this style of dress in blends of lightweight cotton, rayon or polyester. And since the panels of the dress are meant to be floaty, you’ll stay cool — unlike a bodycon dress when the fabric is close to your skin.

5. The Right Mix of High Fashion & Modesty

You can still look sexy without showing too much skin. The shark bite delivers the benefits of a short dress and a long dress together. You can show some leg, accentuate height, and still maintain a polished, high-fashion look. You can wear a dress like this to work, school, or anywhere else you’ll have to go.

If you live where the summers have cooler days, a shark bite dress with longer sleeves would be ideal. You can also wear this piece into the transitional months of fall and spring.

A shark bite dress will look good on you, and it’ll be an easy way to cheat when you don’t feel like dressing up. Looking fabulous and keeping cool what summer is all about.

More Shark Bite Dresses to Love

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Are you feeling inspired to shop for shark bite dresses? Let us know in the comments!

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Thursday 19th of December 2019

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