How to Shop: Nasty Gal

If you’ve never visited (or heard of) Nasty Gal, you might at this moment be questioning TBF’s standards for style and social decorum. The name, admittedly, is at first glance a bit off-putting, or at least a little naughty. But once you’ve arrived, you’ll see that Nasty Gal isn’t about , well, bein nah-stay, but being fah-bulous. And fierce. And just a little bit cheeky. We’re in.

The online retailer features edgy-but-decidedly-wearable garments at prices that range from fairly affordable to on-the-verge-of-splurge. The site design is clean, current and easy to navigate, but as every budget fashionista knows, getting blinded by pretty look-books and clever descriptions can lead directly to reckless spending, and that’s always a fashion don’t. So to help ensure that those new to Nasty Gal are ready to shop responsibly (it’s our life work), we’ve compiled some tips to make the most of your Nasty Gal experience.

Tips When Shopping Nasty Gal

Straight to the Sale Tab. Some of the price points on Nasty Gal are way outside of the super-budget shopping we prefer, so we go straight to the sales—which, in this particular case, are often awesome. Unlike some sites, whose sale page is populated with 14 measly items (that clearly are on sale because no one in their right mind would purchase them), Nasty Gal’s sale section is extensive, and features tons of fabulous pieces, many of which are deeply discounted. This super sexy, on-trend crossover top, for example, might be more than we want to spend at it’s original price, but just $19 at 50% off? A steal.

Work the Free Shipping Angle. Like most sites we frequent these days, Nasty Gal offers free shipping on sort of an ongoing basis with a minimum order (in their case, at this writing, it’s $75). Which, while we love free, can also be a leading cause of overspending—when you were originally only going to buy that cute little black shift dress on sale for $24.50, you’re now tempted to spend 50 bucks more to avoid that annoying $6 shipping cost. Which makes very little sense but you know we’ve all done it—or maybe that’s just us. Anyhoo – our trick to get the free without actually breaking your budget? Combine your order with a friend or two to make that $75 mark—you each get a budget-friendly item you covet, and no one pays for shipping. Everyone wins (including your bank account)!

Clip Those Coupons. Well, being online, there’s more clicking than clipping involved, but like most savvy online shoppers we live and die by the coupon code, no matter what site we’re shopping on. While at the time of this writing, there were no active Nasty Gal coupon codes on our regular haunts (like RetailMeNot), in the past we’ve seen codes for an additional 50% off sale items.

DON’T Dowload the Nasty Gal App. Retailer apps are there for one reason and one reason only—to get you to shop more. It’s waaaay to easy, when you’re bored and scrolling through your phone, to click that app and instantly fall in love with that Sherpa coat you SIMPLY MUST HAVE. You know, the one you didn’t know existed like 5 seconds ago. Shopping apps make it too much like a game – we say if you’re bored, go to Pinterest and dream a little. Like all online shopping, we suggest you shop with a little more planning and intent, and Nasty Gal is no different.