Fall Trendspotting: Dark Floral Dresses

Collage of three dark floral dresses

Summer may be over, but the floral trend that exploded last spring is still alive and kicking. Those big, bold prints we flaunted all over town are transitioning into a darker mode — white and pink florals atop a dark background. These darker, more mature florals stand for fun and fall, and they’re cropping up on romantic dresses that can be layered with your favorite cold-weather accessories.

We shopped the trend and found four versatile, affordable picks. If you’re still building out your fall wardrobe, one of these dark florals should definitely make the cut!

Open Shoulder

Navy cold-shoulder dress with white and pink floral pattern

Floral Print Open Shoulder Dress, $34, KnittedBelle


Sexy and charming is a tough combo to get right, but this piece does just that. The asymmetrical shape and open shoulders will flatter, and give you the option to wear this dress over leggings or over-the-knee boots. You can also layer in a cami underneath, or add a scarf for more warmth.



Think of this dress as a fancy t-shirt. It will fit comfortably, but you can still dress it up when you need to — thanks to the more formal detail of lace sleeves. Pair it with long boots, booties or even strappy heals if the weather allows for that.



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