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10+ Easy Summer Beauty & Style Tips for Moms

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As a mom, it’s easy to neglect what you wear. Your priority is the family, after all. Mornings are a rush of getting the kids ready, and evenings, you’re focused on winding them down for bed. In between, you may be on chauffeur duty, you may have your own job to report to, and you’ve got a list of household “to-dos” that keeps getting longer. Staying in tune with fashion trends and putting together cute outfits are near the bottom of your priority list.

But you can’t always just be a mom. You have other roles in life, too. And, there’s always that point when you need to break away from mom-duty temporarily, those days when you need to perk yourself up and spend some quality time with family and friends. You might want to participate in a community event, go to a PTA meeting, or go to a play. Or, maybe you have a professional event land on your calendar — say a networking breakfast or dinner with colleagues.

If your wardrobe is pretty stable, any of those activities can lead you to the immediate conclusion that you have absolutely nothing to wear. And that’s sometimes followed by: What do I do with my hair? My skin looks terrible! And then your confidence spirals downhill pretty fast from there.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to change up your look from mom-of-the-year to chic fashionista. You don’t need a new closet of clothes. A few key pieces, plus a few updates to your routine will have you feeling refreshed and revived. Try these hair, skin, nail and clothing tips to lay the foundation for your next big fashion statement.

Beautiful Summer Hair

Hair and scissors

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The summer heat and sun are rough on your hair. Here are some tips to keep your locks shiny and healthy:

  • Summer is the perfect time to trim off those split ends and create a fresh, healthy look.
  • Taking care of your hair also includes using the right products, and LumiBloom can help you find the right shampoos, conditoners, hair oils, and weaves.
  • When you choose shampoos and conditioners, select those that focus on moisturizing hair as the summer sun will quickly dry out your hair.
  • Shield your hair from the sun by wearing fashionable hats. Painters caps are cute for ultra-casual occasions, but a floppy hat always looks chic. Don’t forget the sunglasses!
  • Minimize your heat styling. The hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron dry out your strands, making them even more susceptible to sun damage.

Gorgeous Summer Skin

Summer heat is also rough on your skin. You may experience drying from heat and clogged pores from sweat production. Make sure your summer routine includes washing your face daily with warm water, and patting it dry. Try an exfoliator once a week, and use products that keep your skin hydrated.

Woman with healthy skin

Lastly, avoid sun exposure. (Another good use of a cute hat!) If you do get burned, apply aloe or another soothing product.

Shiny Summer Nails

If you don’t have the time for an occasional summer manicure, invest in cuticle oil. Apply it nightly before you go to bed for healthy, shiny nails.

Trendy Summer Clothes 

You can have a casual, easy wardrobe that makes you look terrific! Here are some suggestions to keep you out of the mom-jeans rut:

  1. Try out tunics. Short- and long-sleeved tunics are a good way to replace big t-shirts and baggy pants.
  2. Pick cotton shirtdresses. They are machine-washable and therefore, easy to clean and care for. Another good fabric is jersey knits. Go for some color, too.
  3. Move beyond basic tanks and shorts. Try ruffled tanks and cold-shoulder tops. This is a simple wardrobe change that will have your friends wondering who your stylist is.
  4. Retire your scruffy shoes or flip-flops. If you’ve been wearing rubber flip flops, or distressed tennis shoes, now is the time to get some canvas skimmers. This type of colorful footwear comes in floral and plaid prints. They are not only comfortable and very versatile. If you still crave the easiness of flip-flops, invest in an elegant pair of slides.

Finally, remember this. Looking and feeling good isn’t restricted to external measures. Your overall health and wellbeing contributes so much to how you look.  Eat healthfully diet and drink lots of water. Your hair, skin and nails will glow in return!

If you have style or beauty secrets for moms, share them in the comments!