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The Bodycon Dress: Dos and Don’ts

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Bodycon, short for body-conscious, is a popular style of dress characterized by its stretch, figure-hugging fabric and seductive style designed to show off a woman’s curves. The bodycon dress was first introduced to the fashion scene in the nineties, offering women of all ages a chance to flaunt their bodies instead of hide them under baggy clothes.

Over the years, the bodycon dress has gotten a bad rap, essentially going from classy to trashy. But the trashy side of bodycon is not a given. You can go bold and wear bodycon without feeling self-conscious. You just have to choose a more chic and sophisticated approach. These bodycon dress do’s and don’ts will show you how.

Bodycon Dress Dos

Show off your best features

Want to show off your long, slender legs? Choose a mid-thigh bodycon dress, and opt for a more modest top with a high neckline or long sleeves. If you prefer to show off your cleavage, choose a longer dress that reaches your knees.

Consider your body size and shape

While nearly any woman can rock a bodycon dress, it’s best to pick a style that best accentuates your size and shape to avoid appearing unbalanced. For example, if you’re pear shaped, try to find a dress that emphasizes your upper half.

Create a stunning silhouette with the right underclothes

By sliding on some body-control underwear, you can create a clean, streamlined look that will display your feminine curves and hide minor imperfections.

Experiment with patterns if you dare

Solid black bodycon is a classic choice, and you can stick with neutrals if you don’t want to come on too strong. But if you’re feeling bold, experiment with colors and pattern. You can still create classy look, as long as the dress isn’t too thin and clingy.

Bodycon Dress Don’ts

Avoid thin material

Thinner materials can be too revealing, especially for formal occasions. Opt for a bodycon dress made from a slightly thicker material, and choose elegant details for formal events, such as ribbed or paneled designs.

Don’t go too heavy on the accessories

Allow the bodycon dress to be the main showstopper, and keep the rest of out the ensemble low key. Choose a few key pieces of jewelry or accessories to wear with the dress, such as some dangling earrings and a clutch.

Don’t wear a pair of flats

Instead, sport a pair of stylish heels or pumps. Flats can make a woman appear shorter than she really is, especially when wearing a tight-fitting dress like a bodycon. Both heels and pumps help to elongate the body, which is the look you want to go for.

Don’t eat or drink fizzy beverages

Many foods and fizzy drinks can lead to bloating, which certainly doesn’t look good under a form-fitting bodycon dress. If you must eat, stick to a healthy, light meal or snack, and skip the fizzy pop.

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