Steal Her Style: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has managed to successfully evolve her style from cute country star to fully-fledged fashionista. With her retro-meets-preppy aesthetic the Blank Space singer is arguably one of the best-dressed women in pop. And whether she’s stepping out on the red carpet or leaving the gym after a tough workout, her perfectly polished style is always on point. While Taylor happens to be blessed with enviable statuesque height and the body of a Victoria’s Secret model (sigh), it’s possible to still steal elements of her style no matter what your shape and size. Want to bag her flawless fashion choices for yourself? Invest in these key items to add some Swifty style into your wardrobe, pronto!

Matchy-Matchy Co-ords

Taylor is a big fan of prim and proper co-coordinated sets. Think clean lines and high-neckline tops paired with thigh-skimming skirts to nail the look. Not only do two-pieces look put-together — they take the stress out of styling separates. While Taylor isn’t afraid to show off her model-proportion legs, lower the hemline if you’d rather not dare to bare. If you’ve worked hard for your toned abs, show them off in a cute crop. Look out for longer tops with matching pencil skirts to make the look work for fuller figures.

Taylor in a Matchy Coordinate

taylor swift at celebrity event

Budget Taylor Coordinate



Tea Dresses

A self-confessed girly girl, Swift is a big fan of the humble tea dress. Sweet stripes, cute polka dots or color block styles are Taylor’s go-to. The 22 singer keeps the shape floaty and feminine. The good news is, A-Line shapes are universally flattering, skimming over lumps and bumps and accentuating the slimmest part of the waist making this one totally wearable trend whatever your figure, hurrah!

Taylor in a Tea Dress

Taylor Swift Switches on Westfield Shopping Centre's Christmas Lights in London on November 6, 2012

Budget Taylor Tea Dress