5 Ways to Stay Classy at Your Holiday Work Party

There’s one party every year where business is guaranteed to mix with pleasure: Your holiday work party. As fun as it is to finally let your hair down with your fellow co-workers, the savvy Budget Fashionista remembers that staying classy is just as important as dressing for the job. Keep these five tips in mind and you’ll have no qualms about showing your face at the office on Monday morning.

How to Stay Classy at Your Holiday Work Party

Libations: There’s always one person who drinks too much – don’t be her! My rule of thumb is to watch the office slosh (you know who it is) and stay a few drinks behind him/her the entire night. You’re an adult, so stay clear of your limit and you’ll be scotch-free (no pun intended). Here is a link to one of my favorite resources for “how much to drink” at your holiday fiesta!

Dress: Take the chance to shed your daily work attire and show some personality. I always say to dress somewhere between your chosen “first date attire” and “a night out with the girls” – and make sure that it goes along with the theme and expectation (that is, if it’s tropical and on a boat, don’t wear heels and a gown). Take the chance to stand out, just make sure it’s not because you are hanging out.

Your Boss

Talk to Your Boss

While your initial inclination may be to avoid your boss at all costs, think again. Take the opportunity to get to know your superiors in a more casual way! Chat about holiday plans, hobbies, etc .

Attendance: Don’t be the last one at the party – It’s not cool, and whatever you do, don’t leave with a fellow co-worker unless you arrived together.

Dancing: While the music may remind you of being at a bar or club, you’re not! Keep everything PG and refrain from any kind of moves that include shaking, touching the floor, bending, or being in physical contact with another person.