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Natural Makeup Look: Get that Fresh and Clean Beauty Look Now

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Sure, we’d love to roll out of bed each morning and, voila, be ready to go with bright eyes and sculpted cheeks. But perfecting the natural makeup look isn’t always, well, natural. Real life just doesn’t allow for such magic without a little help.

Fortunately, the right beauty products can make all the difference. And they also make it exceptionally simple to achieve that flawless, less-is-more look in just a few steps.

Get the Natural Makeup Look

1. Cleanse your face

You need a fresh complexion to achieve a natural look. It starts you off on the right note by providing a clean canvas where you can apply your chosen base. Prep your face by using your cleanser of choice. Follow with toner and your favorite moisturizer.

2. Select your base

Leave your full-coverage foundation in the cabinet for now. When you’re going for that natural makeup look, heavy foundation is too dense. “Natural” means you have the freedom to work with far less makeup than you might otherwise.

Thankfully, you have options outside of foundation, starting with tinted moisturizers. Providing all-day hydration and a hint of natural color, the tinted moisturizer is a great choice if you just want to liven up your natural skin tone but don’t require too much coverage.

Another option is a beauty balm (BB) cream, which is ideal for achieving that minimal look. Think of it as makeup with a few added advantages that help protect your skin. You can find formulas appropriate for all skin types, whether you suffer from dryness and need an extra dose of moisture on the regular or have an oily face and want to soak up some of that excess sebum. It’s a sheerer choice than foundation, but offers a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. Some BB creams, like Everglam, lay down an almost-porcelain texture.

By contrast, color correcting (CC) creams can help you conceal imperfections that tinted moisturizers and BB creams are less likely to handle effectively. They’re slightly richer than the other two, but still offer less coverage than foundation. Think of it as the ultimate tool for hiding dark spots, reducing redness, and minimizing scars — all issues that are difficult to cover with anything other than concealer and foundation. This product steps in nicely.

3. Add light eye color

Avoid anything that will play up your eyes strongly, like multiple coats of mascara and eyeliner. The key is to stick with a minimal color palette that will brighten and open up your eyes without calling attention to them.

Play with different neutrals — MAC Amber Times Nine is packed with great choices that are perfect for all skin tones. If you want to wear mascara, a light coat is all you need. You can even opt for a clear formula to add definition and length without color.

4. Use a multipurpose tint

Finish your look with a multipurpose tint that you can use to emphasize your cheekbones and add a kiss of color to your lips. Steer away from bright, vibrant hues, in favor of soft, gentle, and approachable colors that play well with your skin tone. Roses, pinks, and peaches are all great choices that will add a pop to your complexion. Try EcoLips Lip + Cheek Tint 5-in-1 stick.

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