How to Achieve the Natural Look

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If only the natural look were as simple as rolling out of bed and heading to work. Unfortunately, the “just out of bed look” isn’t great on most of us, but the natural look can still be pretty easy to attain with the few simple steps we’ve listed below.

Achieve the Natural Look!

Start With A Clean Face

Start With A Clean Face

The natural look is a bit different for everyone, but it begins the same way no matter who you are. Always start with a clean, well-moisturized face. You don’t have to moisturize before applying your makeup if it leaves you too oily, but you should moisturize before you go to bed. A hydrated face is the best type of canvas to start with!

Choose the Foundation That’s Right For You

Choose The Foundation That’s Right For You

Now that your face is moisturized, it’s time to choose a foundation. Some women can get away with a little tinted moisturizer while others need more foundation with concealer. Any option is fine as your goal is to have a healthy, even skin tone. Just make sure to choose a shade that is closest to your natural color.

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    This “natural look”  looks waifish and not at all pretty to me.