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Best Perfumes for Women on a Budget — Valentine’s Day

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Nothing completes a Valentines Day date like a fragrance. If you’re going out with your steady, a new perfume adds a subtle, memorable twist on the night. And if you’re stepping out on V-day with a less familiar partner, the right fragrance can set the tone for the night. We’ve sniffed out the shelves to find you the best perfumes for women on a budget — they’re all under $50.

6 Top Budget Fragrance Picks

1. Midnight Muse

best perfumes for women - midnight muse by H&M
Midnight Muse Eau de Toilette, $9.99, H&M

Midnight Muse is the perfect name for this scent. It will remind you of what you would wear on a late night stroll with your special someone. Think of amber and vanilla married together to make an unforgettable aroma that is light and effortless. At $9.99, this fragrance is well worth the price and affordable enough to be your daily go-to scent.

2. Pink Sugar

best perfumes for women - sephora pink sugar
Pink Sugar, $45, Sephora

Pink Sugar is a popular choice in the perfume world, for women of all ages. This scent reminds you of a candy shop filled with sugary sweets like gum drops or cotton candy. It’s a comforting fragrance, but in an energetic way. Plus, the ball application is super convenient. Keep this perfume in your clutch and roll it on your wrist or neck for a quick refresher.

3. Unconditional Love

best perfumes for women - philosophy unconditional love
Philosophy Unconditional Love Eau de Toilette Spray, $42.49, Overstock

If you prefer a fruity scent to a warm, sensual one, Unconditional Love would be a wise pick. This fragrance is made with lilies, so you’re getting that floral smell with a hint of clean freshness. If you can picture yourself in a garden picking fresh flowers, then this scent would suit you perfectly.

4. Rogue

best perfumes for women - rogue by rihanna
Women’s Rogue by Rihanna Eau de Parfum Spray, $22.49, Target

If you needed another reason to love Rihanna, here it is. The pop star’s scent from 2013 was, and is still, truly a hit. You’ll love the fresh, yet seductive smell of Rogue — and so will your date. A combo of lemon, jasmine, and hint of vanilla make this a one-of-a-kind fragrance. And there’s an added bonus, too. The bottle will do a great job of decorating your vanity.

5. Happy Heart

best perfumes for women - clinique happy heart
Clinique Happy Heart, $36.39, Fragrance.Net

Can we say Mandarin musk? This scent from Clinique is soothing, warm and just plain delicious. Think oranges and fresh cucumbers…the smell of spring! Wear it to keep your mind on warmer weather, even if the thermometer says something different. Happy Heart is light and fresh enough to use as your everyday scent too.

6. Desire

best perfumes for women - dolce and gabana desire
Dolce & Gabana The One Desire Perfume, $28.89,

If you’re looking for a statement perfume, this is it. The Dolce & Gabana perfume line-up is intense and heady, and this scent fits right in. Its name says it all — the words “Desire” and “Intense” make this scent truly fitting for date night. The overall presentation for this fragrance is stunning, and so is the scent itself.  You get citrus, with a hint of jasmine, plum and caramel. This fragrance will stay with you, all night long.

You’ve seen our picks for the best perfumes for women on a budget. Which is your favorite? Let us know below!

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diya ali

Saturday 4th of March 2017

it is the awesome collection of perfumes for women. we love that

Sasmita Rout

Friday 27th of January 2017

Wow!! Mind blowing Perfume for women, I will definitely buy midnight muse Perfume for valentines day to gift my best friend..

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