90s Fashion: 4 Easy Ways to Follow the Trend This Fall

This post about ’90s fashion was updated in January, 2019.

90s fashion has made its return in summer — with chokers and spaghetti strap dresses over white tees popping up all over Instagram. And even as the weather cools off, the 90s vibe remains hot. Keep channeling that energy with these four easy ways to bring the 90s into your fall wardrobe.

1. Vintage Stripes

Nothing brings back the 90s like thin stripes. The close-bodied fit makes this sweater the perfect candidate for layering a heavier jacket on top. You’ll still be covered indoors with the quarter sleeves and the high neckline. You can pair this sweater with jeans or corduroys. Choose any shoe from a dressy boot to a casual sneaker.

2. Mixed Denim 

Wear this playful piece when you’re feeling outgoing — as it’s a conversation-starter for sure. Two features give this jacket a “90s” feel:

  1. The oversized fit, and
  2. The dark-wash inserts that provide a sewn-on, patchy look.

And because it’s blue, you’ll be able to throw it over any outfit. The weight of this jacket will keep you warm, and you can wear it open or closed, depending on your preference. Pair it with pants of any color, and add combat boots for a strong dose of edginess

3. The Crop Sweater 

The crop top sweater is the basis of a very fun outfit, perfect for runs to the mall, concerts or the club — and its place in 90s fashion is undeniable.

This simple, comfy sweater has the 90s hemline with an updated sleeve. Wear it with anything: pants, skirt or leggings.

4. The Skater Skirt

Remember Britney Spears’s  Baby One More Time music video? It secured the spot of the “school girl” or “skater skirt” in fashion history forever. Here’s how you can bring it back this fall: Slip on a fitted sweater and tuck it into a skater skirt with pleats. Opaque tights or even leggings can keep you warm, and also make the look a tad more conservative. For the shoe, sneakers, combat boots, or a kitten heel all work — depending on the look you’re going for (sneakers: casual, combat boots: edgy, kitten heel: quirky). Whatever your choice of shoe, you will turn heads with this playful look.

What’s your favorite way to work 90s fashion into your modern-day wardrobe? Let us know below!

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