Hair TrendsAre bangs in this season or out? Is the bob back? Straight or curly? These are just a few of the burning questions you might have about hair trends.

Rest assured, you can have a head-turning do, whether you have a long, thick mane or a short, fine one with these trends and tips from The Budget Fashionista.

Maybe you’re looking for inspiration on how to wear your hair for an upcoming event, or maybe you’re looking for a big change to your ‘do. Or perhaps you’re looking for a new budget shampoo or flat iron to try out. Whatever the reason, we are here for you. Browse through our posts and if you don’t see what you need, let us know!

If you’re not sure where to start, explore some of our most popular posts in this category:

Hair Styling Hacks — How to Deal with Common Hair Problems

The Very Best Budget Shampoos

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7 Brilliant Hair Scarf Styles

There’s no better time to bring back the hair scarf than right now. I mean, we’re all stuck at home, not showering, wearing PJs all day, and watching our roots grow. But when jeans...
Woman looking at her roots

DIY Root Touch-up at Home: 7 Genius Tricks

WFH, day 4,875. Or is that week four? Whatever the case, it’s likely that you’re also counting the days until you can get a professional root touch-up. That meme about all of us revealing...
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Going Gray! Stunning Gray Hairstyles That Make You Wonder Why We Dye It Anyway

If you’re thinking of joining the revolution and savoring your gray hair in all of its graceful glory, we’ve got good news: there are thousands upon thousands of beautiful ways to make this work...
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Smooth Sailing! The Incredible Hair Product That Tames My Frizzies (Just In Time For The Holidays)

Thank you to ROIL for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. We all crave smooth, strong locks. You know, the type of hair that moves naturally when you toss it gently away...
Stylist using a hair straightener

Hair Tools Most Loved By Expert Stylists

That clever witch Hermione Granger used a magic wand to conjure up birds and erase memories, but we mere mortals would settle for a spell that promises a perfect hairdo. And thankfully, there are...
Woman with latest hair color trends

One of These Hair Color Trends Will Blow Your Mind

It’s easy to get hooked on fashion and beauty trends that change so swiftly from season to season. There’s always something new and excited destined to appeal to your inner adventuress. But what happens...
Miley Cyrus with bangs and long hair

Did These “Best” Celebrity Haircuts Stand the Test of Time?

There’s nothing like spotting a hairstyle on a celebrity to convince you that, yes, it’s probably right for you, too. (Rachel, anyone?) Sure, this is 2019, not 1994, but there’s something to be said...
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6 Major Spring Hair Trends According to Celeb Stylists

Spring is a season of renewal in so many ways. As you refresh your home and swap your cold-weather wear for more appropriate attire, it’s also a good time to take stock of your...
Woman trimming her bangs with scissors

Hairstyles with Bangs: Bangs for Any Face

If you’ve had bangs as an adult, it’s likely that you’re either growing your bangs out or thinking about cutting them off again. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break out of — and...
Woman holding towel to her head after hard workout

Post-Workout Primping: How to Look Polished in Minutes

Your workout is a testament to your serious commitment to your health. While it’s amazing to lock in some quality time at the gym or enjoy a heart-pumping walk in the park, there’s always...
Woman with red hair set in loose curls

Hair How-to: Loose Curls for Summer

You know that loose-curl hairstyle that’s dominated your Instagram feed for the last few years? It’s the stuff of vibrant, young women with beautiful white teeth, who only move their heads in slow motion....
Woman getting her hair styled

Hair Styling Hacks — How to Deal with Common Hair Problems

Problem hair? You’re not stuck with pulling your hair back everyday! Sometimes the trick to getting the hairstyle you want on a budget is being creative with your hair products. Our friend Melissa, a...
Brunette holding up her hair

The Very Best Budget Shampoo Brands

Gorgeous hair is something we all want, right up there with being thinner, richer and owning more shoes. While the last three aren’t always attainable, great hair is. We love salon-quality shampoos as much...
Healthy hair tips - woman with beautiful, healthy hair

Healthy Hair Tips: Cold Weather Hacks for Color-Treated Hair

Healthy hair year-round is the holy grail of beauty addicts, right? When our hair is healthy, it’s softer, more  manageable and holds colors and styles longer. When it’s dried out and brittle, our color...
20s Mod Hairstyle

Flashback Fashion — How to: The 1920s Mod Hairstyle

The ’20s-inspired mod hairstyle is fabulously chic, is it not? The best part is that, with some practice, you can whip up this ‘do at home. You’ll need the gel, mousse or hair cream...
Solange with a textured, blunt cut

The Blunt Cut: Fall’s Freshest Hairstyle

They say life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. We say a little self-imposed change can be the jumpstart. A clean break — or in this case, chop —...
Collage of hot weather hair styles for long, medium and short hair.

6 Summer Hair Styles to Beat the Heat

Your hair is one of your best accessories. But in hot, humid weather, your hair is also your worst enemy. For babes with length, the summer heat makes your locks feel heavy and sweaty....
Hair and scissors

10+ Easy Summer Beauty & Style Tips for Moms

As a mom, it’s easy to neglect what you wear. Your priority is the family, after all. Mornings are a rush of getting the kids ready, and evenings, you’re focused on winding them down...
collage of three hairstyles for wedding guests

How To: Be the Best-Tressed Guest

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for getting hitched, and all that romance can be tough on a fashionista. Even if your big day isn’t on the calendar this year, your stress level can spike...
hair loss in women - collage of over the counter hair loss products

Hair Loss in Women — Why it Happens & What to Do

Hair loss in women. It’s one of those nasties of life we don’t like to talk about. For whatever reason, there’s a lingering, dated and inaccurate sense that only men go bald. And maybe that’s why women...
collage of grammy beauty looks to copy

7 Award-Winning Grammy Beauty Looks to Copy Now

The Grammys have always been an awards show where the style is as much of a performance piece as the musical numbers themselves. Grammy beauty, if we can call it that, has been more oddity than...
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