Top Ten Hair Trends for Fall 2011

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Whether you want a casual look for running errands or a hairstyle that’s appropriate for the workplace, all top ten hair trends featured below can be completed in thirty minutes or less. So sit back, relax, and get your brush ready because these trends will get you excited to try something new this season.

Top Hair Trends for Fall 2011

Casual Hair Trends 2011

Jennifer Aniston Ponytail


This fall, throw on your skinny jeans, boots, and let your hair go a little wild. To achieve this look, throw your head over and spray your hair with hairspray. Then, flip your head back and place your hair in a ponytail, letting the strands fall wherever strikes their fancy.

The Loose Braid

Loose Braid

This is not the French braid you perfected in junior high. This is a loose, easy style that should take only five minutes to achieve. Part your hair on the side and bring the braid over your shoulder for a relaxed look that goes well with any casual outfit.
Honey Colored Highlights

Honey Highlights

One of the hottest hair trends this season is honey toned highlights. Ask your stylist to make the highlights chunky for a warm and layered look that’s perfect for the fall.

Workplace Hair Trends 2011

Thick Bangs

Thick Bangs


Add sophistication to your work attire by experimenting with thick bangs. The best part about this fall fashion trend is that you can easily alter it. If you decide that bangs don’t work with your facial structure, simply pull them to the back or side, and they should be gone by Christmas.
The Elegant Ponytail

Elegant Ponytail


Even a ponytail can be elegant if you create it the right way. Try hot rolling your hair (a la Princess Kate). Then, pull your hair all the way to the back of your head in a high ponytail, wrap it with a piece of your own hair, and secure with a clip or pin.

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  • Couldn’t help but notice that the trusty bun is on the list. Seems as though no matter what variation, a bun will always be in style. Glad to know everybody sees what us ballet chicks always knew!

  • Eva

    So… what can we do if we do have short hair? If we have, say, a bob with bangs, what hairstyles are options this fall?

  • i would like a new hair trend i have a heart shape head and i have medium hair tan skin toned

  • I’ve been searching for wigs and trying them on at local stores for the past few years, but it’s super hard to find a realistic wig without spending thousands of dollars! I really want a wig to wear on bad hair days (which is like every day lately), but I’m still on the search for one.

  • Ruth

    I agree with Jennifer – what if we have short hair – also, what if we are over 50? I haven’t seen anything lately for those over 50 and over size 12, and not geared for the 20’s crowd.

    • TBF

      Remember this article is focused on beauty trends and these are the trends for this season. Sometimes whats “on trend” may not be what you have. (case in point: skinny jeans.. i just can’t wear them, so I skip). That being said, you can wear feather embellishments if you have short and/or unprocessed hair. Older women should have highlights/lighter hair (dark hair, especially on women with pale skin) “highlights” wrinkles.

  • Jennifer

    So…if we have shorter hair, we’re on our own?