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Use These DIYs Fixes for Your Damaged Hair

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Has broken-down hair been stressing you out? You’re losing sleep at night wondering how to repair damaged hair, right? We feel your pain — but there is no need to fret, especially since you have all the solutions to hair woes right in your house. Check out our simple homemade remedies to revive your dull mane without spending a dime.

Avocado: Packed with a potent concentration of vitamin E, an avocado mash is a great way to heal split ends and treat damaged hair cuticles.

Here’s How: Get a whole avocado, cut it into cubes, and mash it with one half teaspoon of olive oil until it becomes a puree. Saturate your hair with this homemade mask for 20 minutes and rinse with a shampoo. Do this two-three times per week for optimal results.

Mayonnaise: Not everyone is a fan of mayo, but regardless of what you think of its taste your broken hair is going to love the rich concentration of this oily goo. Measure one cup (may be more for our longer haired friends) of mayo and work it into your hair land scalp until it is saturated in mayo. This may seem nasty, but think of the spilt ends you are repairing. Wrap your head in a shower cap as you let this concoction work for 30 minutes then rinse with shampoo. Repeat this once a month to repair your locks.

Olive Oil: We can’t get enough of olive oil and we don’t just mean to cook with. This wonder food is so rich, it can treat our rough skin, damaged hands, and even the most broken down strands. At night, pour two tablespoons of olive oil on your dry head and work it into your scalp. Place on a towel on your pillow and leave the olive oil on overnight. Rinse it out in the AM and volia! rough hair will have a much-needed home spa treatment.

Petroleum Jelly: This multi-purpose wonder goo works in an instant to miraculously tame our frizzy locks. Grab a small amount and dab it on your fingers to be coated throughout your dry hair. Be careful not to use more than that cause you don’t want to end up like a slicked out mess. This is great for on the spot fixes with kinks and fly-a-ways.

Beer: Beer is packed with a powerful punch of nutrients such as protein that our tired hair craves. Pour a 16oz bottle of beer into a pot, set the flame on medium, let it boil and then cool. This will form a syrupy consistency that will thicken after 15 minutes. Pour the beer into a half used shampoo bottle and shake it up. Wash your hair with this mixture and use every other day.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a recommended supplement as part of a healthy diet, so hopeful you have some of these wonder tablets in your medicine cabinet. Take 15 vitamin E capsules and break them open with a knife. Place them in a microwaveable container and zap them for 30 seconds. Making sure the mixture isn’t piping hot (warm is the best temp) and massage the oil into your hair for your own home version of a hot oil treatment. Let it work its magic for 20 minutes then rinse with shampoo. This can be repeated twice a week until you see some serious improvement.

Quick Note: As with all home remedies, there are no guarantees. The results may vary and may take a little more effort on your part, i.e. mayo on your hair. But if you keep up with the maintenance you will quickly be on your way to rockin’ a gorgeous head of hair.

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Friday 13th of November 2009

I have a tip too: don’t try one of the food remedies on the day of a big event. I once heard that rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar would make it shinier. It worked, but I did it on prom night and you could tell… from the smell! You know you don’t want to be hitting up the clubs with your hair smelling like mayo or beer either! :)

Fashion Police Chief

Wednesday 11th of November 2009

Here are tips that are quick and not messy. After washing hair, apply a slippery creme rinse and comb out tangles in the shower before rinsing it out. Use a hair snare over the drain. Rinse hair, blot (do not rub) and apply a small amount of jojoba oil to damp hair, especially to the ends. Jojoba oil disperses well on damp hair and won’t leave “hot spots” as other oils can so you leave it in. These tips are from a long chapter on hair and make-up in the Custom Wardrobe book. Put dot com after my name to see it.—Barbara DesChamps

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