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2017 Hair Trends: 5 Hot New Haircuts to Try

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Hair trends cycle just like fashion trends. And if the last couple chops by celebrity stylists are any indication, there’s a fresh crop of cuts destined to be this year’s biggest contenders. And there’s no better time than now to consider a cool new cut. You know you’ll take your time making a big beauty decision — but start the process now and you’ll be wearing your game-changing choice by spring.

Hair Trends: 5 New Looks

1. The Micro

hair trends for 2017- the micro cut

Michelle Williams has been the poster child for pixie cuts for years, but lately a lot of runway models have been following suit. For mere mortals looking for a big shakeup, or bobbed ladies addicted to going even shorter, this micro look is the effortless winner. Just stock up on a texturizing product to help give your new ‘do the perfect tousle.

2. The Bob

For the last two years it’s been the lob — the slightly A-line, longer bob that brought the same beach wave texture of long hair up to the collarbones. This time around, the bob has gone decidedly French with an ear-length crop, complete with mini bangs to match. Not quite straight and not quite wavy, a quick flick of the curling iron gives just the right curve to take you from bed head to beautiful. Tres magnifique!

3. Mid-Length

Lazy babes who have grown out their lobs will appreciate the mid-length trend. Skip the full cut and go for an easy dusting of your layers so you won’t lose too many inches. You can keep on keepin’ on with your beach waver or clipless curling wand. Loose, wispy ringlets in both directions give this cut the effortless, relaxed shape that’s all over Instagram.

4. Long

Kim K. and friends have been channeling their inner Cher these days, so why not join the party? Long, sleek locks cut straight across are back, and more than beautiful than ever. Whether it’s your natural length or you need to enlist the help of extensions, you’ll want to have a great straightener on hand to keep this cut smooth and shiny.

5. Curls

hair trends - curly hair style

Embrace your curls and amp up the volume with a full, shoulder-length shape that frames the face. Pick up curl-conditioning products and a diffuser post-cut to tame and then enliven big, bouncy texture. Result:  you’ll have that just-from-the-salon look on the regular.

Which of these hair trends is your must-try list? Let us know!

Json Converter

Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Love mid-lenght.

Rob Schneider

Thursday 16th of February 2017

I never liked the bob hair style, middle length is the one perfect for all.

Sasmita Rout

Tuesday 14th of February 2017

Thank you for this hair style Ideas. I like the four number ideas (Long cut) and this style will suitable for me

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