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11 Inspirational 2023 Hairstyle Trends

Ready to make a bold statement with your hair this year? We have a few 2023 hairstyle trends that can help, whether you’re aiming for a dramatic makeover or a subtle change.  

This year, the hair gods give you your choice — sleek and timeless styles to more textured and modern looks. Keep reading for the scoop on must-try hair for 2023.

1. Bedhead

As reported by All Things Hair, bedhead is at the top of 2023 hairstyle trends. This casual, effortless style is achieved using a diffuser to create texture and volume and then running your fingers through your hair for a disheveled, tousled effect. Then, add some texture paste or wax to hold it.

Bedhead hair is the perfect look for when you’re in a rush or want to keep it simple but you’re not in the mood for a sleek ponytail. It also pairs nicely with a bold lip color or a messy updo. With bedhead, the messier, the better — so don’t be afraid to experiment!

2. Wet hair look

The wet hair look is another of those 1990s trends that’s back big for 2023. It’s also the polar opposite of bedhead, but just as easy to implement. You only need the right styling product. Armed with a wet look gel or defining gel, you can experiment to find the perfect wet hair look to suit your face shape and hair length.  

One insider’s trick: You want to keep volume at the roots so your wet look hair doesn’t seem flat. After you apply styling gel, use your fingers to tease the root area before styling. That’ll give your hair more body and lift.

And remember to finish the look with a shine serum or finishing spray. That’ll keep everything in place and give your hair extra gloss.  

3. Messy bun

The messy bun is one of the most popular styles today, and it looks like it won’t be going anywhere soon. It’s a great option for a quick, easy style that still looks polished and put together.

Gather your hair at the crown of your head, twist, and secure it with a hair tie to get this look. If you want more of a disheveled look, pull on the bun and let some pieces fall out.

This style works best with mid-length to long-length hair. You can get the look with short hair, too, but you have to be more creative with the placement of your bun. Try a low messy bun instead. Add a few bobby pins or a decorative barrette for an extra glam touch.

You can also accessorize a messy bun with a headband, scarf, or ribbon for an unexpected twist. This style shows off your cheekbones and beautiful collarbone.

4. Half up hair

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a classic. This style works for many hair textures and is easy to work with. Half-up hair can also conceal greasy roots or keep hair out of the face during exercise.

This style is also perfect for dressing up or down. Celebrities often use half-up hair for elegant, playful, or avant-garde looks, making it a good choice when your busy schedule leaves you no time to redo your hair between day and night activities. Half-up hair looks amazing with bold makeup too!

5. Braids and twists

Braids and twists are classic styles that never seem to go out of fashion. From intricate French braids to simple three-strand plaits, these styles are a great way to express your creativity with your hair. In 2023, expect to see more intricate and complex braid designs, from fishtails and Dutch braids to waterfall braids and box braids.

Twists are also popular and can be styled in numerous ways for an edgy look. Add a few colorful extensions or beads to your braid for extra creativity. It’s the perfect way to spruce up a basic haircut.

The trendiest haircuts

1. Pixy cuts and bobs

For those who want to make a bold statement, pixie cuts and bobs are the way to go in 2023. Whether you opt for a classic bob or an edgy pixie cut, these looks are instantly chic.

A pixie cut is a short cut, choppy hairstyle that frames the face and accentuates the eyes. It’s an easy way to look stylish with minimal maintenance. Bobs are slightly longer and frame your face.

If you have longer hair today, either style can also be a smart tactic for growing out hair color.

2. Shaggy, layered looks

Shaggy, layered looks are having a moment this year. These styles are characterized by texture and volume. Think of it as bedhead style that’s created by the cut rather than styling products.  

For the right shaggy look, consult with a professional stylist. He or she can suggest a cut that suits your face shape. It might involve short sections around your face or a deep side part, for example. You’ll likely have to invest in texturizing spray, but styling these cuts is usually easy.

Hair colors to try in 2023

1. Bold colors like pink and blue

How about a bold pop of color to express yourself and stand out? If you’re up for it, pink and blue hair is trending in 2023. You can add a few streaks or go bold for an unforgettable statement.

Invest in quality hair dye and color-protecting products to keep your bold color looking its best. Or, for a less permanent solution, try colored gel, or even wigs or hair extensions.

2. Balayage and ombre

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that uses the freehand painting of color to create a sun-kissed, natural look, while ombre gradually blends one color into another. Ombre looks amazing for those with long hair, as it has an eye-catching gradient effect. Starting with a light base at the roots, the color gradually gets darker toward the ends.

These styles are trendy, low-maintenance, and suitable for working professionals (while pink hair may not be!).

Your stylist can add depth, dimension, and movement to your locks by strategically placing lighter and darker hues throughout your hair. The placement of the colors should be determined by your hair type, length, and color — with the goal of creating a look that’s flattering and unique to you.

3. Natural shades for a low-maintenance look

Natural shades are the way to go if you want a style that’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require too much upkeep. For a no-commitment change, try a semipermanent color in a shade that’s just darker than your natural color.

Or, experiment with hair makeup in copper or bronze. These products add shimmer and dimension but wash out easily.

Your best ‘do

As the trends for 2023 become more popular, the possibilities for styling hair are endless. Everything from a wild fringe to a curly wolf cut, if you are brave enough a mullet, there is something for everybody. Timeless chic classic looks like a face-framing curtain bang are also seeing a big comeback this year.

2023 hairstyle trends give us the chance to experiment with bedhead, wet looks, messy buns, braids and twists — plus shags, pixies, and bobs. And then there are the color options, ranging from natural color enhancements to bold pinks and blues. Talk to your stylist about which of these hair trends may work for you this year. And have fun with your new look!

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