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Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer: Read This Before You Buy

Thanks to Zuvi for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.

Here’s the promise: The Zuvi Halo hair dryer uses patented technology to style and dry hair faster and with less heat, resulting in healthier, shinier hair.

Who doesn’t love that idea? The thing is, the beauty industry is prone to big promises that don’t always deliver. That makes it easy to be cynical about the latest and greatest innovations in hair and skincare.

Fortunately, the Zuvi Halo has proven itself to be the real deal. I love what it does for my hair. I’m not one to convince you to try it — but I will share all the details you need to decide for yourself. Read on to for the scoop on Zuvi Halo and its technology, the accolades the product has received, why it works on my problem hair, and three things to know about Zuvi Halo before you buy.

Image of Catherine Brock with text overlay describing Zuvo Halo hair dryer.
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The Zuvi Halo story

Zuvi opened its doors as a company in 2019 and launched the Halo hair dryer in 2021. Halo uses the patented LightCare™ system to dry hair more gently than a traditional hair dryer. LightCare mimics natural sunlight and wind to target water droplets on the hair’s surface. This evaporative process does not require high heat or heavy airflow, so the scalp and hair shafts can retain more of their natural moisture.

Zuvi Halo dries at a temperature that’s some 30°F cooler than a traditional hair dryer. As a result, hair styled with the Zuvi Halo has up to 109% more moisture vs. hair styled the old-fashioned way. The added moisture sets the stage for other Zuvi Halo benefits, such as shinier, smoother, stronger hair that retains color better. Oh, and a shorter drying time.

Close-up of Zuvi Halo hair dryer turned on to show light.
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Those benefits position LightCare technology as a haircare game-changer — which has not gone unnoticed by legacy players in the beauty space. L’Oréal recently moved in on the opportunity by investing in Zuvi and its next-generation product line. Zuvi also recently announced the launch of a professional dryer called AirLight Pro.

Zuvi accolades

Since it hit the market in 2021, Zuvi Halo has amassed an enviable list of accolades and awards, including:

  • Allure 2022 Breakthrough Award
  • Time 2022 Best Invention
  • Stylist 2023 Best Beauty Award
  • Elle 2022 Green Beauty Stars
  • Cosmopolitan 2022 Holy Grail Beauty Award

My hair story

The accolades are great, but they are less relatable than real-world experiences, right? So, here’s where I’ll share my hair story.

I have fine, thin hair with a slight wave. I color it regularly to camouflage those grays. About a year ago, I switched to a temporary color formulation because the damage was getting to be too much. Still, I have those short fly-aways that stand straight up around my scalp. It’s a frazzled look that I don’t love.

Image of writer Catherine Brock standing outside in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

You ladies with a similar hair type know this, but high heat has always been the most reliable way to style my hair. If I try to use a low setting with a dryer or flatiron, my hair looks limp — like it got stuck halfway between straight and wavy. And if it’s humid outside, yikes. I have to choose a hat or an updo on those days.

How I use Zuvi Halo

Zuvi Halo has five settings and three attachments. Below are my three favorite ways to use the Zuvi.

For best hair days

Zuvi Halo hair dryer with attachments on bathroom counter.
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For my best hair days, I use the concentrator attachment, Style mode, a palmful of curl-enhancing mouse, and a round brush. I curl my hair in sections away from my face with the round brush.

If I’m in a hurry, I’ll dry for a few minutes on Fast mode with no attachment before switching to Style mode with the concentrator.

I noticed on the first use that the results were different — better — than I’d experienced with any other heat styling tool. My hair was incredibly soft, smooth, and strong. It had movement but retained its shape throughout the day. I honestly thought it was a fluke, but I’ve disproven that theory. I’ve repeated the process several times and gotten the same great hair every time.

Note that style mode with the concentrator is Zuvi’s most aggressive setup. Even so, the temperature seemed far lower than the heat produced by my old hair dryer.

For beachy waves

On casual days when I don’t feel like messing with the round brush, I’ll use the diffuser and set Zuvi to Fast mode. I also add the palmful of curl enhancing mousse. This dries my hair in less than 10 minutes and creates a soft, beachy wave — without the salty air and sunburn.

For minimal effort

Because my hair has historically been difficult, I have a collection of go-to updos. On busy days or very hot days, I’ve been calling on Zuvi to dry my hair in flash in Care mode with no attachment. Then I pop my locks up in a clip or inside-out ponytail.  

Three things to know about Zuvi Halo

Now that you know my hair saga in gory detail, I’ll boil down my Zuvi Halo experience down to three big takeaways.

Zuvi Halo dries hair fast with low heat.

The dryer has shaved at least a few minutes off my normal styling time. If I start with two minutes on Fast mode, I can finish styling my tresses in less than 13 minutes. 

Zuvi Halo automatically optimizes its power based on the ambient temperature.

Zuvi Halo has sensors inside that measure the room temperature. It uses that info to adjust the wind and heat it distributes, so you don’t break a sweat while you’re getting beautiful.  

Zuvi Halo is beautiful enough to leave out on your bathroom counter.

Zuvi Halo is sleek like an iPhone and looks pretty in my bathroom. I’m not a fan of clutter, but this hairdryer has been living on the counter in full view. The rest of my bathroom things are relegated to a drawer.

Zuvi pricing and coupon code

Act fast and you can get a 20% discount off Zuvi Halo at Know that this hairdryer is an investment purchase. The discounted price is $279, including all three attachments. You can also use promo code TBF5 for an extra 5% off.

This might be something to put on your Mother’s Day or birthday wish list. That’s what I would do if I didn’t have one already.

May you find a way to get a Zuvi Halo in your beauty toolkit. Because we all deserve gorgeous hair.