Going Gray! Stunning Gray Hairstyles That Make You Wonder Why We Dye It Anyway

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  • January 19, 2020
  • Updated September 16, 2020
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Now, more than ever, women are embracing their gray hair — just search the feeds for #grayhairmovement for the highlights (see what we did there?!). It’s easy to understand why. Maintaining roots, lowlights, highlights, and full color can be exhausting, costly, and time-consuming. And before you know it, you’re staring at those lighter strands thinking that you only just dyed your hair two weeks ago.

If you’re thinking of joining the revolution and savoring your gray hair in all of its graceful glory, we’ve got good news: there are thousands upon thousands of beautiful ways to make this work for you. Wondering what’s out there — and whether it can work for you? Here are seven gray hairstyles you can make your own.

7 Gray Hairstyles We Love

1. The slow fade

It’s amazing how mesmerizing this color fade truly is — and it’s something that you can easily try if you’re ready to make the shift to all-gray.

@purposely_gray shows off her radiant gray hairline as it shifts to her natural darker hue. The gray ombre, or “grombre,” effect, is one worth embracing for the cool color transition alone.

2. The silver glow

A pop of silver will instantly brighten up your dark hair, illuminating it in a way you probably didn’t think possible. It’s just one incredible side effect of making the complete transition to all-gray.

@aginggracefullyforever has a lock on this look. Give it time. As you grow your hair out, you’ll notice that the grays ease into your hair color, creating a seamless look that looks fresh and natural.

3. The perfect wave

Gentle waves cascading over the shoulders lend @whitehairwisdom a flawless and completely natural appearance — and that’s a good thing, since this is her at her most naturally beautiful.

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“Your inner light shines when you are at peace with yourself and the world around you . Let go of the struggle and feel the beauty inside you. Allow all to be and just be you . “ 🌼Journey to Peace 🌼 🌞✌️🌞✌️🌞✌️🌞✌️🌞✌️🌞✌️🌞✌️🌞✌️ When we accept what we are, and live in our truth, our authentic self shine through. The aging process has its ups and downs ,there are days that my energy is a little lower or my joins are a little more stiff, There are days when I notice all the wrinkles I am getting and the looser skin 🤪sometimes I don’t recognize myself . The reality is most days I am grateful for every bit of being part of this aging process , I want to live fully for the time that I am here on this beautiful planet. I want to embrace my age and spend my time with like minded people learning and growing . When you let go of the obstacles that hold you back , the preconceived ideas about how we should age , we are free to let our true light shine. Be the best you possible every day, smile more laugh more and live the best you from the inside out!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Thursday friends , I am waiting for my granddaughter to visit today, and I get to see my Texans soon, every day is a blessing . Life is truly amazing!! Peace 2 you all 🌟✌️🌟✌️🌟✌️ #gratitude #authenticself #beunique #bethebestyou #beauthentic #shineyourlight #shinebright #sunshineselfie #ageisjustanumber #aginggracefully #aginglikefinewine #agingbackwards #proage #artinaging #silversisters #silversisters2020 #silversistersinternational #silverhair #greyhair #greyhairmodel #greyhairmovement #grayhairdontcare #grayhairmodel #grayisthenewblonde #beunstoppable #bethebestyou #bethebestversionofyourself #overfifty #over50_style #over55 #bluegreeneyes

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The style is easy to achieve with a one-inch curling iron and a light spritz of hairspray to hold it in place.

4. The gorgeous flow

If ever there was good reason to join the gray hair movement, it’s this. @vickieheath_ offers an impressive catalog of styles that are as enviable as they are achievable — but it doesn’t hurt that she has an incredibly healthy, lush mane.

This look shows off her signature silver strands with a gentle wave, perfect for any occasion!

5. The edgy ‘do

Who says you can’t rock a chic contemporary style with gray hair? Look @life.doesnt.stop.at.50, whose asymmetrical cut allows her to show off her silver mane beautifully.

The rich and warm hue alone is perfect. A shorter cut like this is often advisable if you’re making a smooth transition to gray.

6. The silver bob

Truly, your gray hair style doesn’t have to be any different from the ‘do you have when your hair wasn’t gray. If you’re not convinced, take a look at @silver_girl73.

She wears her gray bob straight, curled, up, down, whatever. And it looks gorgeous every time.

7. The pixie

Sometimes, the texture of your gray hair may prevent you from the versatile styles shown by @silver_girl73. In that case, consider a short pixie that mostly styles itself.

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So here's my story. Started going grey when I was 20. Boxed died it jet black for 21 years. When I was about 24 I had a severe allergic reaction (face puffed up and head had scabby itchy sores) to a dye job and because I was so scared to show my true greys (and age) I decided to continue to dye my hair no matter what the consequence. The next time I dyed my hair the reaction was not as bad (no puffiness but sores and scabs returned to my scalp). With every dye I took antihistamines to minimise the reaction and over time the symptoms decreased (still had an itchy scalp but never as bad as that first bad reaction). What the hell was I thinking! Surely that can't be good for me. After many years of consideration I decided to ditch the dye. I have only had positive comments from friends, family and work colleagues, which I am thankful for. And I feel lucky because I have read some stories and can't believe some of the negative comments some ladies cop! One day this will all just be normal. I. Am. Free. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so happy that I am no longer scheduling my hair dyes around events, I am no longer losing handfuls of hair when dying or washing my hair, I am no longer putting chemicals onto my body which my body is rejecting. And hey, I don't think the silvers are aging me so much. Either way, that want of chasing looking like I'm in my twenties has wilted away, and I'm OK with that. Here's me 6 months after my last dye and 3 pixie cuts later. 98% #dyefree #silversparkles #greyhair #greyhairdontcare #grey #gray #silverhair #greyhairmovement #grayhairmovement #greyonpurpose #grayonpurpose #ditchthedye #goinggrey #goinggray #grayhair #saltandpepper #silversisters #silversister #embracethegrey #embracethegray #grombre #silver #silverfoxylady #silverhairdontcare #dyefree #saltandpepperhair #40andfabulous #aginggracefully #thegrayarea

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@silva.sparkles wears the pixie masterfully. This short, edgy cut is also a great choice when you’re growing out the gray, as it’ll minimize the time you spend rocking two hair colors.

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