Summer’s Coolest Cut: The Lob Story

long bob haircut

Itching for a change? You’re not alone. A trip to the chop-shop seems to be on everyone’s agenda, dead-set on debuting a new ‘do just in time for summer’s social season. The cut of choice? A remix of an old classic, naturally.

3 Celebs with the Lob Haircut

Nicole Ritchie with lob haircut

Short enough to free you of tangling bohemian tresses but long enough so you can keep your staple ponytail, the long bob — or lob haircut — has trickled its way down Hollywood’s red carpet premiers and into our Pinterest boards and iPhone album.

Woman with lob haircut

And for good reason, the chic little hack is an instant style and confidence booster. We could all use a little variation after months of the same old same old.

Emma Stone with lobbed haircut

Blown sleek, worn off center or waved out, the lob gives a big enough change for those with longer locks to make an impact, without limiting your styling abilities. Our inspiration for the season ahead is coming from a few of these leading ladies. Sleek, shaggy or touseled the gang’s all here.


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