Should You Dye Your Hair Back to its Natural Color?

We’re always looking for simple ways to save money while still being fashionistas. We love sample sales, free products, coupons, and consignment shops. We also love great lipstick, fresh shades of eye shadow, and buying a new hair accessory (or two or three).

Of course, it’s hard to have it all so we brainstormed one of the simplest ways to enhance natural beauty without breaking the bank. And, bam, the answer came: let’s go back to our roots (and we don’t mean traveling to your hometown).

Yes, some of us at TBF have dyed our hair back to its natural color. There are no more $200 trips to the salon, no more pushing around our part trying to hide growth, and a new love of slick back ponytails (since we’re not worried about the one inch thick color along our hairlines.)

Of course, dying your hair (esp. dying it back) is a major decision so we’ve gathered a list of pro’s and con’s to help you see if this is the best choice for you. This list really pertains to those of you who use a stylist for hair coloring, not a box.

Pros and Cons of Dying Your Hair Back to its Natural Color


1. Time

How many times have you sat in the stylist’s chair, checking your watch and hoping you can make it to your meeting on time? If you spend 2-3 hours getting your hair done every 6-8 weeks, it can add up to almost an entire 24 hour period every year! That’s not including the time it takes you to schedule an appointment and drive there. That could be a whole vacation day, time with your family, or several much needed naps.

Catherine A.

Catherine A.

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