True Confession: I Wear Pigtails (and I’m Almost 40)

While lots of women love their flatiron, favor fancy updos or step out in headwraps, I wear pigtails. Yes, pigtails.  And oh yeah, I’ll be 40 in six months.

Now before ladies think my pigtail-wearing confession is some kind of 40-going-on-12 life issue, it’s not.  (Although I have been known to spontaneously hop on the children’s duck ride outside of supermarkets, but I digress).  Let me assure people that my pigtails don’t sprout from the top of my head, a la my first day of kindergarten or as if I’m trying to get my NCIS Abby on.  It’s not about that so-called “sexy” wig-n-lollipop Halloween costume nonsense either.  I just like ’em, plain and simple.

Nope, not the kind of pigtails I step out in.

Nope, not the kind of pigtails I step out in.

This is more like it. I love Nicole’s low pigtails. Feminine and cute.

So, how do I wear pigtails?  Loose and low and (I think) cute.  To me, they’re feminine, adorable and have a sense of fun-loving spirit.  Plus, with the right elastic band, my low pigtails can go from uber romantic to mod in a heartbeat.

Me, almost 40 and sporting low pigtails. I think they’re fun.

From a convenience standpoint, they’re a great way to keep wisps of hair off my face when I’m at the gym, cleaning the house or running from my car to the mall to get in on the latest shoe sale.  Sure, ponytails do the same thing, but pigtails add an unexpected hairdo charm that I really enjoy.

Perfect Hair Accessories for Pigtails Hair

So there it is.  I’m almost 40, I wear pigtails and I love it!  Here are some hair bands that are perfect for adding some oomph to pigtails.  Check them out!

The Salmon Sophisticated Hair Tie – Ponytail Holder Collection, $6.25 from Etsy
Ponytail Holder with Swarovski Elements from Etsy
Ribbon Hair Ties, $8.00 from Etsy
Glam Girl Bow Hair Tie, $1.80 from Forever 21
Pastel Studded Hair Elastics, $2.80 from Forver 21
Pastel Studded Hair Elastics, $2.80 from Forver 21

Ladies, do you wear pigtails?  Do you think age matters or think high versus low ones make a difference?  Let me know in the comments section below!



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