How to Get an Elegant Updo: Go Glam with It’s Judy Time’s OLAY/BlogHer TV Tutorial

Confession time:  Until recently, I considered a basic ponytail an updo.  A fancy updo.  To me, away from face = all things glam.  Bonus points if my ponytail managed a cute tip flip (think Charlotte in Sex in the City).  Then it truly was an elegant ‘do.  Sigh.  Clearly, my hair‘s been lacking in the glam department.  So I decided to get on track by trying an elegant updo… this time, a real one.

Getting an elegant updo meant finding something that would stand out (without taking hours) and look feminine.  I knew what I wanted, but had zero clue where to start.  Remember, I had a drawer full of elastic bands and well, more elastic bands.  (Hey, they varied in color . . . does that count?)

I did what anyone in my shoes should do:  raise my arms to the sky and cry, “Juuudddyyy!”  Seriously, It’s Judy Time from OLAY/BlogHer TV turned out to be a very helpful elegant updo tutorial.   I loved her hot roller tutorial, so I was confident this one would be just as informative, enjoyable and easy to follow.  Sure enough, the same pleasant Judy greeted me, calmly explaining how to go from blah to beautiful hair.  In three minutes, she showed me how to get my glam on.

Here’s the lowdown on my venture into the world of glam.  I followed the It’s Judy Time elegant updo tutorial and wanted to share the scoop on my journey away from elastic hairbands.

Curl Power


Judy suggested using a heat protectant, then curling hair away from the face with an iron (1 – 1 1/2″ preferred).  I got to it, curling sections of my hair.   It had been ages since I used this hot and rolly thing-a-ma-jig . . . would this seriously take me down the glam track?  I was excited to see how this would pan out.


Next, I removed the curling iron from each section, being careful to keep the roll intact.  Judy secures it with a clip and continues doing this around her entire head.  After all sections are pinned, use some hairspray and let things cool down.  I like that Judy often says things like, “It really doesn’t have to be perfect,” assuring us that if a roll falls out, it’s not the end of the world.  Because the last thing I need is a TMZ camera in my face, watching in horror as they air a snazzy jab about Jen strand imperfection.  As if.  Welcome to my imagination and thanks Judy, for calming it.

Release and Twist


Once everything cooled, I removed the clips.  Without even running my hands through my hair, I was already loving the look.  My hair held the curl and was taking on a more glam style.


Next, I began twisting two-inch sections only at the top of my head.  Bobby pins became my best friend.  Make sure there are plenty on hand because they work wonders.

What Side are You on?


Judy took the rest of her hair and pulled it to one side, using bobby pins to give the bottom area (at the nape) some shape and style.


Curl up with a Good Look


Yes!  It’s time to create the curl.  I was thrilled to get to this part.  I wrapped sections of hair around my fingers and rolled it towards my head, using bobby pins to secure the fancy creation, flat-side down.  I was amazed at how easy it was to get such a soft, feminine style.


The Final Touch


After all the curls were created, it was accessory time.  I chose a blue flower, but it can be anything (or nothing at all).  Be creative! A sparkling butterfly clip, a simple bow… anything goes and it’s an adorable final touch.


Well, Judy did it again.  Thank goodness for her wonderful hair and beauty tutorials.  They’re fun, easy and best of all, the results are fantastic.

Now, please excuse me.  I’m heading out to show off my elegant new updo.  Sunglasses?  Check.  Unplugged the curling iron? Check.

Elastic bands?  Have at ’em, Kristin Davis.