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Creative Box Braid Styles: The Perfect Summer Braids

If you’re thinking about getting box braids for the summer or have already braided your hair for a low-maintenance hair-care routine this season, there are lots of things you can do to keep your style fresh and exciting. Forming your braids into buns, sophisticated ponytails, and fun half-up-half-down styles will keep you from ever getting bored with your braids this summer.

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Perfect summer braids

1. The low ponytail

If you have medium or large box braids, try wearing them in a low ponytail near your neck. This will give you an effortless elegance that works well with so many outfits, from your favorite pair of jeans to a formal gown. Braids that are the same color as your natural hair also give more maturity to the look and make the style appropriate for professional or upscale occasions. Part the braids in the middle to frame your face and apply nude makeup to give your skin a summer glow.

2. Form your braids into a crown

Braids crown
Credit: Fashion Boom Daily

Give your hair a slight side part and braid your hair on each side, tying it in the back to form a crown shape. This hairstyle brings attention to your bronze skin; all you need is a pop of pink or red color on your lips and a few sweeps of mascara, and you’re ready for your summer outing.

This style keeps your hair from getting frizzy in the hot weather. And if you braid your hair in this style overnight, you can take the braids out in the morning to achieve a wavy, heading-to-the-beach look.

3. Wear your summer braids in a high bun

No matter how large or small your braids are, you can pull them up into a high bun for a fashionable look that works both day and night. A “nude” face with a pastel lipstick makes the bun look more refined; dust a bronzer across your face and apply a little eyeliner for a sun-kissed complexion that looks great with your braids.

4. Half up, half down

Woman with braided hair, pulled up at the top of her head.

Starting with your fingers just behind the top of your ears, pull your braids up to the top of your head and fasten with a clip or tie. The half-up, half-down style adds height and balance to rounder face shapes. This is a youthful look that pairs nicely with your casual outfits and nude make-up looks.

You can modify this look too, of course. Fasten the top half lower on the back of your head if that suits your face shape better. Or add some pop by creating a bun from the top half rather than letting it hang. For a super playful look, part your hair in the middle and clip up the top half in two sections, one on each side of your head.

5. High ponytail

Woman with summer braids, pulled back in a high ponytail.

High ponytails aren’t solely the territory of teens. This style is very flattering on a variety of face shapes and it keeps your braids up off your neck, too — a key feature for a go-to summer hairstyle. Pull your braids back and affix with a heavy-duty scrunchie or hair tie. Play with the placement of your pony and you’ll find the look that works for you.

The higher the pony, the more youthful the look. You can add some sophistication by arranging some volume just above your forehead.

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