How to Use Hot Rollers on Your Hair

We all know that a great ‘do (as well as shoes and accessories) completes our look, but I’ll be the first to admit to falling flat when it comes to my hair.   To the rescue?  Hot rollers!  That’s right ladies, break out the hot rollers.   No more  “who’s looking at my hair when I’ve got these heels?” moments or being satisfied with the My Little Pony (tail) or the Behind the Ear Tuck.  Ugh.  Using an ear as a hair accessory.  Double ugh.  Time for a head full of loveliness with the help of a head full of rollers . . . and some It’s Judy Time.

How to Use Hot Rollers

Because I haven’t used hot rollers in a while (OK, years), I needed help in the jog-my-memory department.   So, I tuned in to It’s Judy Time, a series of hair and beauty tutorial videos on the ever-informative OLAY/BlogHer TV site.  In under four minutes, Judy showed me how to amp up my look with hot rollers, talking about everything from heat protection to roll position.  If that sounds complicated, trust me, it’s not.  Nothing’s difficult with Judy at the helm, armed with styling products and her sweet personality.  She makes everything easy and fun to follow.

Her step-by-step approach is friendly and focused, direct and simple.   Between the occasional elite (or as I say, “spiffy”) music and her conversational tone, there’s a casual elegance in the video (all her videos, actually).   FYI, Judy’s videos aren’t just about hot rollers.  From how to create an elegant updo to making beachy waves or faux bangs, she’s got ’em all.

Judy’s Advice For How To Use Hot Rollers

I went on a mission to try hot rollers, following her advice while taking pics along the way.

All I can say is “thank goodness for Judy.”  So amazing was Judy that I’m thinking of inviting her to my next girl’s night out.  And family picnic.  Heck, maybe even holidays . . . where of course my hair will be JudyFab.  Actually, I think “JudyFab” should be a new word that replaces “awesome,” or “amazing.”  There’s good hair and then there’s JudyFab hair:  “Oh that new hairstyle is so JudyFab!” (meaning “to die for!”)   But I digress.   That’s how I get when I’m,  you know, on a roll (ha, I crack myself up).

Anyway, let’s get to it.

Me, Pre-Judy Time


My hangin’ hair, about three seconds away from a Behind the Ear Tuck.  I needed some serious oomph.

Roll with it

Judy first explains that after spraying hair with a heat protectant, to begin at the top of head, always rolling away from the face.  Continue to the sides, still rolling away from face while trying to minimize stray hairs from poking out of the roller.  And if there is a rebel strand?  No biggie – as with most of her videos, she makes a point not to fret over a hair or two that’s out of place (we’re human, not striving to be on America’s Next Top Model).

Putting my hair up took just over five minutes.



Cool Off & Clean Up

Judy is one multi-tasking gal (gotta love her energy), and she reminded me that I should be too.   See, Judy mentioned a 10-minute cool-off time once hair is all set.  What to do in the meantime?  I followed in her footsteps with her suggestion of getting laundry from the dryer (how’d she know about those sheets I’d left sitting there for 2 . . . ok, 4 days?)  If laundry didn’t float our boat (personally, I loved the time-saving idea: tidy up while becoming JudyFab), she provided another alternative:  put on makeup while waiting.  Very efficient lady.


Making the most of my time while lettting rollers cool.




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