A Guilty Pleasure

The Lowdown: Laura reviews GuiltlessPurse, a handbag sample sale site that doesn’t require membership.

Our Review: features dozens of designer accessories on sale – from Alexander McQueen handbags to Escada bracelets. According to the site, items sell out very fast, but are replaced by something new almost right away.

While many products – in particular the high-end purses – can still cost several hundred bucks a piece, even on sale, the discounts are pretty deep. It’s not uncommon, in fact, to stumble upon a perfectly good steal, like this $34 green leather makeup bag by Lauren Merkin. features “designer” deals, as opposed to plain flat-out deals, but doesn’t feature some of more known designers like Marc Jacobs, Fendi, or Gucci. If the site is to remain competitive with other sites like Bluefly and to keep us coming back for more, it will need to add more popular designers to its catalog. However, what it loses in stock, it makes up in heart. Many sales items have product demos you can watch (see one here), and it’s easy to navigate through the merchandise and find something specific. Futhermore the site was founded by a young woman, selling handbags out of her New York City apartment.

The Verdict: Worth Checking Out. For those of us with expensive tastes, is a worthy bookmark. However, since almost everything costs $100 and up, and the most popular designers aren’t even represented on the site, we figure we’ll only take advantage of this site from time to time.

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