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Our Review: Bonanza seriously has everything. Our prior experiences with other massive, user-run e-commerce sites have taught us that sometimes this plethora of options is actually detrimental to our search and scary too.

However, with the first click on, our fears flew out the window and we became suddenly inspired. We know this sounds cheesy, but there is something so pleasing about the format and design of this site that we were no longer worried that we’d miss the right item or get bombarded with undesirable sales.

It’s wonderfully simple. If you’re looking for antique jewelry, you select the category and up pops a clean layout of photos with prices. Each seller has a feedback rating and his or her own policies regarding shipping, payment, etc.

Yeah, so? That sounds a lot like eBay to you? Well, all of the things we don’t like about eBay are things we love about Bonanza.

For one, the feeling of safety on this site is far superior. You can even live chat with a seller (or buyer, depending on which you are) and ask them questions about the item for sale. Secondly, you don’t have to know what you’re searching for to find it. Users create “Hand Picked Lists” that are theme-based compilations of items for sale. These can range from “beautiful antiques for home,” to something totally abstract like, “the boldness of red and black.” Finally, there are no bidding wars. Some people love this adrenaline-pumping routine but we don’t. Oftentimes the vendors on Bonanza will give you a flat price or sell for the best offer.

We found, after perusing the site, the slogan “find everything but the ordinary” holds true. The items you will come across are not the typical, mass produced ones that you can buy elsewhere on the web. They are unique, antique (rhyme!), and interesting.

Be warned: Not everything on this site is affordable, by any means. I came across a $10,000 Hermes Birkin on the handbag sister-site, Bag Bonanza. But different vendors run discount sales and there are so many options that you are bound to find a deal or at least something you allow yourself to splurge on.

Our Verdict: Yea! Picture yourself at a flea market, browsing through items you know you want while stumbling upon those you had no idea were for you. This is Bonanza.


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