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Our Review: Bonanza seriously has everything. Our prior experiences with other massive, user-run e-commerce sites have taught us that sometimes this plethora of options is actually detrimental to our search and scary too.

However, with the first click on, our fears flew out the window and we became suddenly inspired. We know this sounds cheesy, but there is something so pleasing about the format and design of this site that we were no longer worried that we’d miss the right item or get bombarded with undesirable sales.

It’s wonderfully simple. If you’re looking for antique jewelry, you select the category and up pops a clean layout of photos with prices. Each seller has a feedback rating and his or her own policies regarding shipping, payment, etc.

Yeah, so? That sounds a lot like eBay to you? Well, all of the things we don’t like about eBay are things we love about Bonanza.

For one, the feeling of safety on this site is far superior. You can even live chat with a seller (or buyer, depending on which you are) and ask them questions about the item for sale. Secondly, you don’t have to know what you’re searching for to find it. Users create “Hand Picked Lists” that are theme-based compilations of items for sale. These can range from “beautiful antiques for home,” to something totally abstract like, “the boldness of red and black.” Finally, there are no bidding wars. Some people love this adrenaline-pumping routine but we don’t. Oftentimes the vendors on Bonanza will give you a flat price or sell for the best offer.

We found, after perusing the site, the slogan “find everything but the ordinary” holds true. The items you will come across are not the typical, mass produced ones that you can buy elsewhere on the web. They are unique, antique (rhyme!), and interesting.

Be warned: Not everything on this site is affordable, by any means. I came across a $10,000 Hermes Birkin on the handbag sister-site, Bag Bonanza. But different vendors run discount sales and there are so many options that you are bound to find a deal or at least something you allow yourself to splurge on.

Our Verdict: Yea! Picture yourself at a flea market, browsing through items you know you want while stumbling upon those you had no idea were for you. This is Bonanza.

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

    Blog Comments

    Suzanna, I think your review is spot on.

    Bonanza has millions of great items, offered by many great, experienced sellers. Along with the terrific variety of items, Bonz has recently had an influx of wonderful artisans from the 1000 Markets site, adding loads of beautiful handcrafted items, just in time for Christmas. Whether it be paintings, handbags, jewelry, dolls, books, or what-have-you – Bonanza has it!

    If you should ever run into any kind of problem, either as a seller or a buyer, the Customer Support is second to none. A personal response is always forthcoming in a timely manner, and if CS is running behind, they’ll even post a message to the forums to notify us.

    As with any site you haven’t visited before, there is a learning curve. The forums are full of helpful members with quick answers to any of your how-to questions. Competitor or not, everyone is willing to help.

    Bonanza ROCKS! 🙂

    Bonanza WAS great, however they are trying to turn into eBay. The same disregard that was shown to the sellers at the bay is now prevalent on Bonanza. The owners refuse to advertise the site, expect the sellers that use Bonanza to use their hard earned cash to spread the word. Also the functionality is always ‘glitchy’ and instead of fixing things, they add new toys like a fancy chat box.

    If you are looking to buy something, might want to hurry as a mass exodus of sellers is planned very soon.

    Barbara Dean Wilton

    i’m all ovah this bonanza site dealie. ima HUGE ex-ebay addict, so thx alot!!!

    I agree with you – Bonanza is a great site.

    Because there is no advertising most people have never heard of it and have no idea that Bonanza exists.

    Many sellers are frustrated and upset. I see many people open booths and close them because of lack of sales.

    The owners encourage sellers to promote their own booths. But that can only go so far. Feeds to Google shopping and Bing can only go so far.
    Some sellers buy from each other – But that isn’t enough.

    What is needed is a real advertising campaign. This is how people learned about Ebay initially – Amazon etc. And associated those names with shopping.

    All the serious selling sites must advertise.

    Some sellers claim that their sales are fine but the MAJORITY of sellers there are not doing well.

    Until Bonanza does advertise- They will lose sellers. The ones who remain are desperate for sales but willing to wait.
    Some of us cannot wait.

    Many were hoping advertising would begin before the holidays. That did not happen (To the disappointment of many.)

    Bonanza received funding and may receive more – None of this money went into advertising.

    Until there is an advertising campaign – Until the name Bonanza becomes known as a shopping site – Sellers will never do well.

    It appears that the funding went into purchasing a website (100 markets) – Which was also not getting many sales – Bringing many more sellers into Bonanza who are in need of sales. Funding also went into hiring tech people and a new office for management.

    It’s a nice social site with a lot of sellers who are waiting and waiting but not making nearly enough sales.

    Wonderful review. I used to long ago be an eBay addict BUT Bonanza is by FAR my favorite place to be, whether selling or shopping for over 2 yrs now (I did take a little break for medical reasons).

    Thanks for the comments! 🙂 I agree, Bonanza could use more advertising, but I also agree that it’s a great site and just has a better feeling than eBay!

    Thanks for this review, I was wondering about it and after looking at some feedback and this review I have decided that I will proceed with opening a shop there as well.
    Moxie at Retro Recalim

    frankly sure it has some good points, even a broken down clock is right twice daily, but as a seller, well sales go at a snails pace then ebay……..they go like hotcakes

    Watch out!!! Bonanza will not support it’s sellers in a dispute even when the seller is right. Buyer damaged an item and Bonanza wants me to refund their money and keep the item. We are also told there are hidden fees. We have been a seller on Bonanza for a year and a half but not any longer. BE CAREFUL!!!!

    I have my booth more than a year and never get any sales. So, I am still waiting but not for long, then I will close my booth.

    why you dont sell?????

    is there something bonanza dont tell us about selling ???

    For sellers, the biggest attraction for Bonz is the feeling of family among the sellers. We look out for each other, offering help and encouragement while Bonanza grows. If the owners start spending mega bucks on advertising it’s only natural that fees will go up, and then the complaining will really start! As for us spending our own money to promote the site, I don’t think Bonz is asking us to do that. It cost’s little or nothing to Tweet or email our friends. The secret is to not put all of your eggs in one basket.

    I checked the site but don’t like it much either. Too cluttered. It can be even simpler. When you select an item, the information is all over the place and too much to read. It should have a flow either vertically or horizontally not in rows and columns.

    Sorry for being critical but not a good UI in my opinion. There will be another ebay. It’s just a matter of time…

    Is this a free website to sell on ?

    I bought a lovely bracelet from The Bracelet Lady and her craftsmanship is outstanding. I highly recommend her for all your bracelet wants and needs. She even included a lovely necklace at no charge to me. Thank You Melinda…

    I had a booth with Bonanza. I had around 60 items in my booth. In about a year, I had about 5 sales on the booth from 2 customers. Unexpectedly, I had to go away for an extended period. I came back to find that Bonanza had deleted ALL my items from my booth because I owed them $1.56 I think the amount was – I know it was under $2.00. All that work, GONE, just like that. Now why would I even consider them again? They could have suspended the store or something, but to delete all my products, all my time and effort for some measly sum of money. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Bonanza is HORRIBLE! BEWARE! When you list, you do not receive an email that your listing has been uploaded. No record of it at all except on Bonanza website. They suspended my account and remove all 250 listings for no valid reason. All my hard work gone. I can’t even retrieve my listings. They ignore my emails for explanation and refused to forward me back all my listings. They have also become greedy charging high fees like Ebay (used to be flat $5 but now fees run more than $12 for each transaction!).

    Are these prices legit? I’ve seen some affordable prices… Hmmm..

    I was an eBay PowerSeller with 100% feedback for 7 years, I got tired of eBay ripping me off with their high Final Value Fee so I searched out other auction sites. THANK GOD I came across BONANZA!
    I have been selling on Bonanza since July 2009, compared to eBay’s FVF of $$1,006.83 ONLY using PayPal, my FVF fees on Bonanza are $$307.81 using Google & Amazon checkout, bank or postal money order and PayPal (if you insist) -Quite a Difference! The lower MY fees are, the lower I can sell my items for.

    Don’t give up searching on Bonanza (you are just accustomed to eBay); it does get easier & quite user freindly!

    The only complaint I have is lack of feedback 🙁 . My buyers either forget or don’t bother to leave one. But then, Bonz does not punish or reward sellers due to feedback scores like eBay does.
    I Love Bonanza!

    hi yes bonanza is cool with feeddbacks 🙂

    I bought a couple of gifts off of Bonanza website for my son’s birthday. I received it today in an envelope. My items were smashed and the box that one LED snowball light came in was damaged and taped up getto style.I don’t even know if it works, but it doesn’t look like it. I am so disappointed. On top of that…there is no way to call anyone. No phone number available…I guess I should have know. They want all your information but they don’t dare give us theirs. I am so mad that I just didn’t go with THINK GEEK. They are so much better and have information to get a hold of them. I want a FULL REFUND and I don’t care if that is why they do FREE SHIPPING….with that kind of packaging I will pass!! I am not Happy and still haven’t been able to get any help!!! I don’t know about this company. They are supposed to be with the BBB…so next I will write them to find out how to contact someone.


    My first experience with their services is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. The support service is a joke. I have reported bad sellers in the past, nothing was done about it. And these were sellers who sold fake items or had unethical selling practices. It just goes to show what values Bonanza has.

    Just so you know everyone….BBB means nothing! You have to pay BBB to be listed with them.
    An example that says everything…Emeril (the famous chef) said that he refused to pay BBB the $450.00 they wanted to be listed with them…he said “forget it”. BBB gave Emeril nothing but bad reviews…check it out! BBB businesses are only listed with them because they pay for it.
    Nothing else.

    Bonanza Is SCAM! Tricky trick to suspend an account by Bonanza

    To you who want to buy item and sell items from or to Bonanza (, think twice!

    This marketplace claim their website is alternative of eBay, iOffer, eCrated, eBid, etc and claim that this website is better than other. WTF!

    This marketplace is shit, usually for seller. They don’t protect the seller, even you give shipping detail to buyer, they still protect the buyer.

    Let me share important information for you..

    I have register 3 account on Bonanza, 2 account as seller and 1 account as buyer.

    1 account as seller is suspended because there is bot/robot bonanza that make an offer to your item that you sell and then cancel it. It happend more than 10 times, so you get 10 emails. Bonanza claim that your account is againts terms and condition. It’s very clear that it is robot.

    1 account as buyer, they close it without confirmation and information before. When you try to login, it appear error. You forgot your password, they resend it but when you try to log in again, error happen, again!

    My last account as seller, I put real credit card on that. A Buyer claim that item not yet received, NOT YET, not never received! But he is not patient and wants to get refund. I said, it is responsibility, please call them to confirm why the package not yet arrive. But bonanza team (Angelica, Judy, Tom, Mark) didn’t want to know. They protect seller, and deny my win win solution that I gave to him. They push me to refund the buyer money, immediately or they will suspend my account. Before that, they did remive all items that I sell on my bonanza (my booth).

    After I refund buyer money, they suspend my account. They also charge my credit card for large amount. It should charge only $3, buy they charge more than it and they didn’t refund my money. What the hell!!

    After that I submit ticket to restore my account, restore all item that they delete, but what I got? They suspend my account.

    The case is same.. many bonanza bot/robot make an offer to item that I sell, but they cancel it. Bonanza claim that your account is againts terms and condition. I tell them that it’s very clear that it is robot. As they know.. all items in my booth is zero, no one item that I can sell because bonanza delete it all, but why someone can make an offer and cancel it? I got more 10 email than show bonanza bot user made an offer and cancel it. It’s impossible, since I have no item to sell.

    And to cut conversation with someone who submit ticket to bonanza, they robot Judy will write

    Our system recently notified us that a security issue is associated with your account(s).

    We apologize that we are unable to provide further details in this matter or our actions. In our efforts to keep Bonanza the safest possible marketplace for our buyers and sellers to use, it is our mandate to be proactive in suspending accounts that have been associated in any way with site misconduct or possible security concerns, In matters like this, we choose to err on the side of caution due to our concerns for user safety.

    It is our policy not to notify other users of our suspensions when possible. We strive to keep this matter as private as possible to preserve your reputation on Bonanza.

    If you have any further questions, please see our terms of service, which provide complete details about our user policies, including our right to suspend an account at any time.

    If you are interested in moving to another marketplace, we recommend ioffer.comor, both of which have strong monthly traffic and a good base of buyers and sellers. is a good site for those who wish to deal in the auction format.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Kind regards
    Bonanza support

    Is this way by bonanza using bot/robot to suspend bonanza user account without explanation?

    What the support ticket system for if they only have template to cut conversation like that? Not answering the question!?!

    What kind of non professional marketplace that give suggestion to sell item to another seller?

    Unethical practices – False advertising.

    I purchased a coin from William Fox [email protected]. It was listed on the internet for $59.95 + shipping ( The transaction went through and I was please at how well it all went. The web page said that there was one coin left. After the transaction went through it said SOLD! I was excited about receiving this because it was going to be a gift for a submariner who was about to retire from the Navy… UNTIL:

    PayPal sent this email to me.

    Hello david,
    William Fox just sent you a refund
    William Fox just sent you a full refund of $64.90 USD for your purchase. If you have any questions about this refund, please contact William Fox.The refund will go to the card you paid with.
    Note from merchant
    I am sorry but there was a mistake in the pricing of the auction when importing from ebay.

    My pled to William Fox for reconsideration went un answered.

    I had one buying experience on Bonanza and didn’t like it very much at all. As a seller; I listed over 600+ items and nothing sold in a month’s time. Eventhough I am not a big fan of Ebay’s new rules; it’s still the better choice. Bonanza seems to rely on former Ebay sellers to bring their customers over to them. Their wording is so unprofessional and you feel like you are in grade school.

    Much of their language slams Ebay. It’s just a very negative feel to me and not something I would want to be a part of.

    They warn buyers of being scammed by a seller if there is zero feedback. Everyone starts with zero feedback unless they were a previous seller/buyer on ebay and import their feedback to Bonanza.

    It was just a weird/strange experience all around and I would not recommend Bonanza.

    I will stick it out with Ebay hoping they will hear us sellers and address some of our issues and concerns.

    It is ILLEGAL for Bonanza to have a website and no listed phone number.  Site has ZERO visibility and useless for any real seller. Old ladies and moms with nothing better to do can use this childlike site.

    I’m sorry, but this is way off and sounds like a purchased post. You do not mention that Bonanza has no buyer protection at all. They say they are not responsible if you get scammed. Just check them out on the BBB.

    Is everything a scam on Bonanza? No, but there is a lot of it, and with no protection, you are taking a big chance. I will stay with places that have protection for the buyers and sellers.

    I make about 6,000 sales on ebay and about 3,000 on amazon every month. I listed 8,000 items on bonanza, spent about $2,000 paying for some extra help and have a nice store on Bonanza. First, I had to paid for a pro membership because they were hiding my items from their searching engine. Later, that ” Bonanza Mark” emailed me saying I had too many items on my booth and I was required to upgrade to their $300.00 monthly membership, otherwise, I would be suspended immediately. I told him I didn’t think $300.00 was worth on bonanza since I was not making that many sales. I refused to pay $300.00 a month plus seller fees so Mark suspended one booth. At that time, we had two booths on Bonanza. A customer filled a case through the resolution center , I never got any notification about that specific case. One day, one of my employees tried to add more items when he find out our booth was on Hold. I emailed the customer ( I had to use his paypal email address ) and apologized for any inconvenience cause and we would send him the item for free and he would be getting a full refund. I even sent the customer a thank you note with a $25.00 start bucks card. For my surprise , that customer told me he never filed any case against me so who filled it then? Answer : Bonanza Bonanza resolution center is a joke, I refunded the customer, and I had to email Bonanza support asking why the case was still open ? They accused me of lying and saying I didn’t have any intentions of refunding the customer. three days later, I send them a screen shot with the refund information. hahaha Bonanza Judy didn’t beleive me again and wanted to have access to my paypal account. Omg I guess she was really high that day, there is not way, I will provide my paypal email address and password to a random person ( my PP had about $14,000 at that time) They didn’t want to close the case for two weeks and my account was suspended. After my account was suspended they charged me $98.00 on each card ( each booth had to different credit cards) I sent a email to [email protected] and it went unanswered. I see mark is always saying email us attttt blah blah @bs.asss but they don’t care. I had to file a complaint with my credit card issuer and a few weeks later, I got my money back .

    Bonanza runs illegal business practices. People talk crap about ebay but they provide sales every day.

    Another good site is Ioffer, they have a decent traffic every month as well and their fees are low. Customer service is not bad at all.

    Thank you for reading my review, hope it helps. Do not waste your time and money on Bonanza. Worthless site for selling your items.


    I received an email that a purchase had been made. I tried to log in and could not. I clicked on forgot password. they sent me an email. the email told me my registration was complete. No way to change password. Also, there was an option to print shipping label, i clicked on that and that was not a correct page either. Now I have to go to the post office to purchase postage and send the package. When I tried to contact “support” I got page after page of options that did not apply.
    I am so frustrated with this whole set up.

    Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

    Keep Posting:)

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