Top 10 Dressmaking Blogs

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We all love that little thrill we get from finding an amazing dress on the cheap – but sometimes a fashionista’s wants are bigger than her wallet. What’s a girl to do? Make that dream dress yourself! DIYing is totally in right now, and it’s an awesome way to save some money and get a one-of-a-kind piece that you can be proud to wear. Once you get the hang of it (maybe after taking a few lessons at a local community college) sewing clothes will be easier than you might think. Sewing could even turn into a part-time job (hello, extra shoe money!) or lead to a career in fashion. So whether you’re a seasoned sewing-machine queen or an absolute beginner, take a look at our picks for the top ten dressmaking blogs.Dressmaking
Adventures in Dressmaking
Suzannah from Portland, Oregon, shares her passion for dressmaking on this blog full of inspirational pics and patterns. She occasionally writes about other how-to topics as well, such as bridesmaid hairstyles and making cute birthday banners.

Dress a Day
This blog, from Erin McKean, is less how-to and more observational. She shares her favorite dresses, pictures of ones she’s made herself, cute fabrics and more.

Blog for Better Sewing
Gertie is an expert sewer from Queens who teaches classes and even has a book coming out. Her blog gives you tips, tutorials and ideas for sewing, with a big focus on dresses. She creates mostly delicious vintage pieces.

This blog is from Tasia, up in Vancouver. She shares her patterns and easy to follow sewing tips. Tasia, who is clearly an expert, has launched her own collection of sewing patterns. You can buy them on her site as well as take part in “sew-alongs,” where you follow her post each day and sew along with her. Or check out the “sewtionary” for definitions of all the sewing jargon.

Sew Weekly
Mena Trott has been recognized by Fortune Magazine and The Wall Street Journal for her blogging abilities. For Sew Weekly, she gave herself a challenge: create a completely homemade wardrobe (with a few exceptions). Her blog documents this project and focuses strongly on vintage patterns and the green clothing movement.

Fashions From the Past
This blog, by Debi in Scotland, focuses on all things vintage. She details her projects, shares her thoughts and does pattern giveaways as she “sew[s her] way through the decades.”

Sew Mama Sew
Beth Wilson heads up the blog for this company. You can read about all things sewing as well as shop for fabrics and talk to other dressmakers in the forum.

Seamstress Sophie
Sophie is another blogger from the UK who documents her favorite hobby online. She shares her creations on her blog, which is easy to relate to as Sophie is fairly new at sewing.

Fashion Sewing Blog
Colleen Lea has over 30 years of sewing experience. She uses her blog to answer important sewing questions about things like which type of fabric to choose, how to iron darts and what should be on your project checklist.

Twelve Dresses Blog
From a woman in Wisconsin, this blog follows her twelve dresses in twelve months project. Her writing is funny and thoughtful and her tips, ideas and thoughts are always fun to read.

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  • This is THE website for everything you wanted to know about those patterns you’re about to buy. Detailed reviews are written by people who have made the garments – outling the good, bad & ugly of each pattern! A wealth of information for sewers here. (It’s not my website but I refer to it all the time)