A Site Full of Awesome, but Pricey Gift Items

The Lowdown: Got a gal pal to shop for? Hop on over to, featuring unique (and sometimes pretty pricey) one-size-fits-all “gifts” for her. Instead of blouses, dresses or jeans, think scarves, hats, purses, and jewelry. also has a ton of quirky items, like his and her “custom silhouette” coffee mugs.

Our Review: With product categories like “fun,” “useful,” “love,” and “sparkle,” we knew we were in for a good time on Whether looking for a one-of-a-kind buy for yourself, or shopping for a lady friend, you’ll have a lot to choose from. Like the $9.99 organic nail polish, a $34.99 heart headband, or a $10 designer oven mitt.

Some finds are weird enough for a White Elephant party, like this cheap and chic door stopper, while others are quite pricey, like this $224.99 headband – apparently the same style worn by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry – and this $78.99 clutch.

Meanwhile, other offerings will make you say “WTF.” For example, we’re not throwing down $210 for a gold kitten charm.

Our Verdict: We really like’s surprising selection of gifts, and especially enjoy the handbags. The prices and the products are all over the place, though, so the site isn’t a “go-to shopping destination”, by any means. Still, remains great for gifts, and that random splurge.