Product Review: RoC SMOOTH PERFEXION (Sponsored)

Ladies, I am a RoC Ambassador, which means I am compensated to try RoC products and share my experiences. All opinions are my own.

Three weeks ago, the good folks at RoC sent me a free bottle of RoC SMOOTH PERFEXION Instant Line Corrector to try out. The promise on the package is pretty bold: the product smoothes fine lines and wrinkles so makeup becomes optional. That’s an intriguing claim from a product that retails for $22.99.

First Use: Product Look and Feel

First off, RoC SMOOTH PERFEXION Instant Line Corrector is unlike other serums or creams I’ve used. It has a thick texture out of the bottle and is charcoal grey in color. The smell is, well, a little odd. I can’t describe it, but it definitely was not what I expected—given my experience with other RoC products. The scent does dissipate quickly, so I didn’t dwell on it in that first use.

I put a blob of the product on my fingertips and then smoothed it on my face. The feel of it on my skin was pretty amazing. It’s lightweight and silky—even sort of powdery, like a good makeup primer. The immediate effect is a smoother, more diffused look to my skin. My makeup went on very well over the top of SMOOTH PERFEXION, which is always a plus.

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