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Switch Jewelry Subscription Review

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Switch, a jewelry subscription / rental service, offered me a free trial in exchange for my feedback. What follows is my honest review.

It was Elizabeth Taylor who said, “big girls need diamonds.” Even the Budget Fashionista has to agree — what style-minded lady doesn’t love a good piece of fancy jewelry? But alas, those of us without celebrity spending power are stingy about our investments in high-end jewelry. We may even look hopefully to our Significant Others to stock the jewelry box on birthdays and holidays (and yes, that is an acceptable strategy!).

What is Switch?

Thanks to a new jewelry subscription box game in town called Switch, you know have one more affordable way to access premium jewelry. Sign up for Switch, and you get an unlimited supply of high-end pieces starting at $29 a month.

How it Works

Visit and choose a subscription plan. $29 per month gets you the Gold Plan, which delivers one piece of jewelry to you at a time. You wear that jewelry for as long as you like, and then send it back. Switch will then send you another piece. If you’d prefer to have more than one piece in each box, you can upgrade to receive two or three pieces in each box. All plans include free shipping both ways.

For all three plans, you get to pick which pieces arrive in your boxes. Simply shop the site and load up your account with your “favorites.” You’ll then receive the items you favorited that are in stock.

The Quick Read Conclusion

You can read through the details below, but I’ll stop here and say that Switch gets a thumbs up from me. A nonstop, rotating supply of designer jewelry can get you through weddings, parties, dinners and any special occasion like a diva. Heck, show up flashing Chanel one weekend and Hermes the next, and people may even start to talk — did she come into some money? It almost seems funny that it only costs you about $50 a month.

Switch Jewelry Subscription Sign Up Process

Signing up for Switch is very straightforward. You can set up your account with your Facebook login or your email address. Once you create the account, you select the plan you’d like from these options:

  • Gold: $29 monthly for 1 piece of jewelry at a time
  • Platinum: $49 monthly for 2 pieces at a time
  • Black: $69 monthly for 3 pieces at a time

As noted above, all plans include free shipping. Each shipment will include a prepaid return shipping label. You can keep your jewelry box as long as you want (assuming you are a Switch member in good standing), or you can send it back right away. Just be sure to send pieces that arrived together, back together.

Shopping Jewelry on Switch

Once you pick a plan, it’s time to shop! The Switch collection is stocked with designer pieces valued from $100 to $1,000. My first pass, top five picks included a David Yurman cable bracelet, a Hermes cuff bracelet, Chanel earrings, an Ippolita pendant necklace and a Dannijo marina bib necklace.

After you shop, remember to provide your shipping details and then you’re all set. Less than a week after setting up my account and picking my pieces, I received my first Switch box.

chanel 1
Ippolita Turquoise Stella Pendant Necklace, $695 Retail Value
Ippolita Turquoise Stella Pendant Necklace, $695 Retail Value
Dannijo Marina Bib Necklace, Retail Value $520
Dannijo Marina Bib Necklace, Retail Value $520

And of course, I put these pieces on immediately (even though I was in my office, working alone). I figure you never need an excuse to feel like royalty, right?

Catherine Brock of Budget Fashionista wearing Ippolita turquoise pendant necklace
Catherine Brock of Budget Fashionista wearing Dannijo Marina Bib necklace
Me trying to look aloof, which seems appropriate when wearing a heavy bib necklace adorned with Swarofski crystals.

What Happens When You Switch

When you’re ready to send the pieces back, you need to repack them in the same box, put the return label on, and swing by the post office. At this point, you should probably add to your favorites list. I didn’t and received a note from Switch that only one of my favorites was in stock. I was on the 2-piece plan.

Now this part is very interesting. The note I received from Switch was from a real person, and it included suggested pieces similar to my other choices. I responded and asked if I got the personal communication, rather than an automated reminder, because I’m a blogger. Here’s a paraphrase of that email conversation:

Me: What happens if regular Switch members don’t have any favorites that are in stock? You don’t personally reach out to each one, do you?

Switch: Well, yes, actually we do.

In this world of automated messaging, the personal outreach from Switch is refreshing, isn’t it?

Timing of the Switch

I dropped my pieces at the post office on March 23 and had a new set of pieces on March 27. That tells me that you could wear your pieces on the weekend and cycle a new set for the following weekend. How fun is that?

My second round of jewelry from Switch included a Hermes bracelet and Chanel earrings. What do you think?

Switch Jewelry subscription - Hermes bracelet and Chanel earrings

Have you tried the Switch jewelry subscription? Share in the comments!


Wednesday 12th of April 2017

I don't have a subscription but I saw your pic on insta of them and clicked through. After reading this post I'm seriously considering signing up! It looks pretty awesome. Thanks for reviewing it. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

Catherine Brock

Thursday 13th of April 2017

Hey Tori,

Awesome. Let me know if you have any questions about the service.


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