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Proactiv Solution- Are Local Drugstore Products Just as Effective?

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A reader sent me a link to a recent TODAY show segment on the effectiveness of over the counter products like OXY on the treatment of acne, versus more expensive like products like Proactiv and topical prescription products. The results were interesting- it appears that the over-the-counter products works just as well as the Proactiv and topical prescription treatments, but cost significantly less.

Note: Proactiv’s price is probably influenced by its marketing budget.  Puffy, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan don’t come cheap.


Friday 8th of April 2011

It really depends on your skin. Try everything until you find something that works. I've tried stuff from Walmart, and I've tried Proactiv, and yes, Proactiv does work better with my skin, period. I wish I could find something cheaper, but till I do, I'll be using Proactiv or else suffering with acne (the minefield kind that sits under the surface and comes up repeatedly). Also, note that the $25 price on tv is for half-sizes. It goes up to $40 for regular sizes.


Tuesday 13th of October 2009

I have been using Proactiv for years. Just so you know I am in the “club” and I pay $50 a month and I only get a shipment once every other month. So basically I pay(ed) $100 for a “60day” supply. It does work ok, but I have found other items for a third of the price that work just as well. FYI, The advertised price is for the 1st month, it shoots up to $50 a month after that. Needless to say I have canceled my membership. I use noxzema triple clean foaming cleanser and when I need a good scrub, I use Biore pore refining scrub.


Monday 15th of February 2016

Is it good on ethnic skin types


Saturday 10th of October 2009

I did not have problems with my skin when a teenager, but after 30 my skin was starting to break out and the only thing that has control it is Proactive. I do not use it as often because it dry up my skin really bad, using it at night is just enough.


Friday 22nd of May 2009

I have tried using ProActive Solution products for the last 12 mos and it just doesnt work for me. Both my brother and mom tried it and it didnt work for the either. I guess it depends on your skin type.


Friday 24th of April 2009

2 things one proactive works better if you have irritable skin like mine and the girl they showed who used the oxy did not have any acne just bad skin.

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